Saturday, November 24, 2012

here's to the next time

I have finally accepted the fact that I am indeed not doing the marathon this year. Those that know me well are probably not shocked to hear this, but I am actually shocked. It wasn't until yesterday when Annie told me that she sold my bib (I had told her to) that I realized that I am for sure out of the race this year.

I'm torn how I feel about this. I still get to go to Texas and Memphis to watch the race. I have done other marathons, but this was to be my first out of state marathon. And I was really looking forward to running again with Annie. That was really amazing last year to get that opportunity, but I guess that doesn't mean that it's the last time I can do it right?

Sorry Annie, that I can't run with you... but I am very excited to be there for you to watch!

More important I need to be better for Ironman in June. I've done absolutely no exercise (unless you count walking my ass off in Vegas) for about 4 weeks now. It's time to get back to it. I cannnot run or swim for sure as I have two partially torn ligaments that hurt like a MF'er most of the time. But I need to get back to doing core and arm stuff. As I was told "youre abs aren't broken, do some situps." As soon as I get back I am going to start working with my coach to get back into the groove. I can't wait to get back to working out!!!

Song: Elton John, Here's To The Next Time


  1. Found you through Dangle The Carrot. Anyone who says their torn ligaments "hurt like MF'ers" is worth reading. I'm just sorry I didn't find you under better circumstances.

    Cool thing is that we all have the power to bounce back so I'm sure you will and in the grand scheme of things this will just be a footnote.

    1. Thanks Patrick your encouragement! Glad you found me as well!

  2. I was wondering about that. Sorry Deanna. At least you get to go to TEXAS!

  3. Bummer!! I hate injuries. But with the June IM coming, it is smarter to get healthy! I am never that smart. Heal quickly!

  4. SUCKS.
    Get healthy for the IM build.
    You'll reflect back on Memphis and realize it was better than running b/c you got to hang with me and beer and ribs.