Tuesday, October 30, 2012

if i could turn back time

I am running a marathon in a little over a month. On Thursday if I don't run, it will be 2 weeks since the last time I have run.

I have rolled my ankle about 4 times in the past few months. The last time I did it, it was fairly bad. I was on crutches for a week, out of work for a week, and still have to walk with a brace. It is black and blue and still super painful.

I'm starting to get sad and lazy. I really want to be outside running, but I am doing my best to rest and get better so I can race. I can't even swim or bike, because those motions aren't good for my foot either. I think I will be OK though. I am in pretty decent running shape so as long as I get out there by this weekend, I think I can at least finish the race. I might not dream about PR's this year though.

I am really hopeful that by Thursday I'll be able to get back out there and run a little bit.

Song: Cher, If I Could Turn Back Time

Sunday, October 14, 2012

i focus on the pain. the only thing that's real

First of all Congratulations to all of my amazing friends who completed the Kona World Championship Ironman yesterday. One of the most amazing finishes was my friend that was in a severe bike accident last week and raced with 7 broken ribs and various other bones. It was very inspiring to watch them finish one by one. I can't wait until that is me next year in Australia. Also congrats to Annie for finishing her difficult, hilly half marathon.

I've been on a slight hiatus this past week. 3 weeks ago I rolled my ankle running sprints. I was super excited the next day when it didn't hurt at all. This past week I rolled it again and it turns out it's sprained. I knew it wasn't good this time when it rolled. It hurt all the way up the left side of my leg.

This is my first experience with ktape and I have to say that I'm really pleased with it. I hope to be back to running tomorrow night. Song: Nine Inch Nails, Hurt

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

highway run, into the midnight sun

Hey everyone! I haven't been blogging much lately so here's a short update. I am running with my training crew and getting ready for the Memphis Marathon that's coming up in less than 2 months. I feel stronger than last year so I am hoping to achieve my goal of running a sub 4 hour marathon.

I am still swimming twice a week and I have to tell you I am getting so much better and stronger. I think sticking with it twice a week and the added yoga twice a week has really been helping my flexibility and strength.

As for the bike.... well I need to get back on that at some point.... I haven't been riding nearly as much as I want to be. Sorry this update is so boring, I will be posting a much more interesting nutrition one very soon.

How's everyone's training coming? The Honolulu Marathon is coming up!

Song: Journey, Faithfully