Sunday, August 5, 2012

no, your never gonna get it never gonna get it

Picked the song for the title today because this weekend I went to an 80's concert. It was the Ladies of the 80's with 5 women acts from the 80's. I barely remember who they were, but the highlight of the night was that I got to dress up in my 80's gear. I am very proud to say that I didn't have to purchase anything. I had everything in this picture in my closet already!

Training wise, my cycling and swimming has been solid. I'm not sure I remember how to run, but I figure marathon training starts soon enough. I have been going to masters swim twice a week and cycling at least twice a week. Every Friday for the past 3 weeks I have done Tantalus and today I didn't a 60 mile ride. It was my first ride over the Pali. For people not from Hawaii it's an alternative route through the island that is crazy hilly in some areas. It is also super windy and involves a tunnel. It was really fun though.

I feel like both my cycling and swimming are getting much stronger. Song: En Vogue, My Lovin

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