Sunday, July 22, 2012

since you've gone i been lost without a trace. i dream at night i can only see your face

Where is everyone?

Blogger seems like a ghost town lately. I guess that means everyone is training hard. I'm getting back into it. I'm off the crack (poptarts dipped in nutella) and I'm back on the old boring diet. My training is picking up, but I'm not really running that much.

Today I did a 50 mile bike ride and that felt great. I'm reading up on some Triathlon books on my new kindle (well new to me... my parents hated it so sent it to me.) Other than that, really not too much new going on. I miss reading about everyones training, so how about an update. This means you Annie and Sachie.

The first graphic my friend created for Ironman Cairns:

Song: The Police, Every Breath You Take


  1. Blogger is dead because my internet was taken away. Bryce got re-gifted a kindle from his Mom, too! Boring diet is back - boooooo!

  2. Ok I'll update. Great texting tonight. We should get together so you can brag about the honu!