Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2012 Honu 70.3 Race Report

I apologize for the extreme delay in my race report, but I took a week off to hang out on the big island after the race and then I came home to a broken router so my entire weekend was spent unplugged.

So the big news, I am a Ironman 70.3 finisher! I'm super proud to be able to say that especially after reading things like this:

One after one they came in and told us they’d never seen race conditions like this. “I had to stop to put water in my water bottle at the aid stations,” Ironman World Champion and Kona veteran Laura Sophiea said. ”I’ve done over 300 races and this was by far the toughest conditions I’ve ever experienced.” “I’ve never raced in conditions like this … With this wind there were points where you were running on the spot,” said runner-up finisher, Australia’s Greg Bennett. “It was, without a doubt, the most brutal thing I’ve ever done.”

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Here's my breakdown of the race:

The swim 53:19: The swim was really good for me. I'm not a super strong swimmer so I will take any swim time that has me making the time cut. The water was super calm and except when I fell running to T1, it was a great swim.

The bike 4:04:57: Awful. I wanted to do at least 30 minutes better than what I did. The winds were really bad at 30-40 MPH and it was 90 degrees. I got pushed into the road at least 3 times and many people were crying. I almost gave up once, but knew my brother would make fun of me forever. I'm just happy I finished it.

The run 2:15:54: Overall not a bad run. I ran the entire way and felt pretty good. The only problem was it was freaking hot and seriously right next to lava.

My overall time was 7:25:30. Not the best time out there, but it is a finish and I will take it! Here are some pictures.

My amazing support crew after the race. Angie, Bryce, David, and Katie. Having them there before the race, during, and after were priceless. It was so good to see their smiling faces and Angie with her signs. I will have to post more pictures of the signs later,

Thanks to my brother for getting the VIP badges!

Pre race, me and my training friend Loren

Rounding the finish with a big smile on my face because I'm seeing friends and family!

My fans!

This might be my favorite picture ever. That's my brothers arm that I am running towards!


  1. Perfect pic of that lady digging her nose! Good job on finishing and having a strong run. Are you swimming at the masters meet on Saturday?

    1. I know that is awesome! I am not. I am doing the North Shore swim series though.

  2. Fantastic finish line shot. Didn't even notice the nose picker the first go round. LOL

  3. Great work! I'm so inspired to hear about average every day people achieving 70.3 - hopefully ill be on the start line with you next year!

  4. Thanks everyone! It is so doable if you train right! Next year full IM distance!

  5. Odd that I cried when I read this? I've been holding it back since the finish line! CONGRATS :) We were happy to be there.

  6. So proud of you Deanna, you rock! Sounds like you kicked ass in some tough conditions.