Monday, May 21, 2012

shy ronnie, use your outside voice. we don't have time for this. let's go

I know it is old, but I seriously cannot stop watching this video:

I'm pretty sure I dream about it.

I was away all last week for a conference for work. Conference went really good (I even talked to strangers), training went OK. I think it was actually good though to rest some, my body feels better (except for the jetlag).

The most notable part of the trip was that my parents drove out since I was only about 6 hours from them in Indianapolis. They took me to Dicks Sporting Goods and I got tons of new awesome gear. I got some jerseys, shorts, a new helmet, a new speedo, and even some googles. My dad is "if draining my credit was an event in the Ironman, I would win." I love new stuff, it makes me want to workout more!

Now that I am back, reality has set in, I leave in 2 weeks for Honu! I got my airfare and bike shipping all set up today!

Song: SNL Digital Short: Feat Rihanna, Shy Ronnie 2, Ronnie and Clyde

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  1. sounds fun Deanna. You have to keep us posted on how the honu goes. BTW your FB picture cartoon cracked us up. You know the one of cross fit