Tuesday, April 17, 2012

time cast a spell on you. but you won't forget me.

Holy shit! I just realized there are 45 days until Honu!
I'm going to diiiiiiiiiie. Ok, maybe that's a bit dramatic, but seriously I have to do a half ironman in 6 weeks.

Running is going really well. I have always been a strong runner so that won't be too much a problem for me. I am literally running the entire distance of the race every Sunday.

My swim is actually coming along too. I don't look like I'm having a seizure the entire way across the pool anymore. Last night I actually did 30 x 25 yards every 45 seconds at a fast pace. A few months ago that would not have been possible for me.

The only thing I really need to get more practice on is the bike. My longest rides have been 40-45 miles. I need to get some 60 mile rides in relatively soon. My trainer workouts have been really good lately though. My coach said my cadence is getting much better.

My training partner Loren, together we are the headband mafia

Song title: Fleetwood Mac, Silver Springs


  1. Did you ever resolve your seat issues? Saw someone selling a cobb on CL not to long ago.

    1. Thanks! I still have some issues, but I'm not sure if it's just because I need to be on the seat more. It seems to be going away and the chamois cream is helping. Mostly the problems are on the trainer now.