Monday, February 27, 2012

money, money, money must be funny in the rich mans world

Whoever the person was that said "Money does not buy happiness" was obviously not a triathlete. Since I often complain about how I don't have enough money to pay for this sport I love so much, I thought I'd finally post a bit of good news.

Thanks to careful saving and and an amazing tax refund check, for the first time since I moved here 6 years ago I HAVE ZERO CREDIT CARD DEBT!
This can only mean good things for all the stuff one needs to buy for the bike!


  1. Alright, let the spending begin!

  2. Sooo... are you getting that new bike that you have been thinking about? I know every triathlete always wants something better!

    1. Nah, I wish but I'm being responsible first.

    2. I would say being responsible is overrated... but it isn't :op