Sunday, February 12, 2012

bittersweet memories, that is all i'm taking with me

....this blog title and post is dedicated to Whitney Houston. You, indeed were every woman.

This week was a really good training week. I've ramped up my running, made it to cycling clinic 3 days this week and as for swimming.....*crickets*. Yeah, I didn't make it once.

Saturdays ride was possibly the hardest of my life. We practiced pace lines to from Kapiolani Park to Hawaii Kai and then we were doing a hill. When I innocently asked "where's Kamehame Ridge" I was told "oh right after Heartbreak Hill." Uhm What? A hill right after that awful hill.

So we went up Heartbreak Hill and then made a left turn at the top. Anyone familiar with this hill? We climbed all the way to the top of Kamehame ridge until it ended with a gate. But wait, we didn't let that gate stop us, we carried our bikes over it and then went to the very top where there is a hangglider landing area. It was insane. I made it very close to the top. Once I saw people tipping over because it was so steep I decided to just nicely get off my bike and walk it up. It was so steep I was almost not able to walk it up. Over all it was amazing, with an awesome view at the top.

Me at the very top Kamehame Ridge

Me and Pardis at the top of what seemed like the world.

The top of the street area, before we went off the main road


  1. WOW. Intense. You look very intimidating in that shirt. Can't you get an Eat'n Park one?

  2. Whoa... going up Kamehame Ridge after Heart Break. That is awesome. Nice.