Saturday, February 18, 2012

and i'm free, i'm free fallin'

There sure are a lot of songs about falling... which is good because I fell again. More on that later.

This was a good training week, not for running and swimming so much, but really good for cycling. Usually with my training group we do 3 rides a week. One is a trainer workout, one is a short ride during the week and then there is the long ass Saturday morning ride. I have never really felt like I have really had a grasp on the trainer workouts. I finally have the answer, if you are a cyclist and do trainer workouts and don't have one... GO BUY A CADENCE METER RIGHT NOW. If you have a Garmin, chances are you can get one to connect with your watch. The cadence meter for my 405 was like $30. I worked my ass off during this weeks trainer workout mostly because I had a freaking clue what I was doing.

The Saturday ride was my longest ever, from Kualoa Ranch to Foodland on the North Shore and back. I used both my heart rate monitor and my cadence meter and really was able to adjust my speed and gears more efficiently based on what the Garmin said. The ride ended being just over 52 miles and we did one pretty steep hill on the North Shore.

I did fall... at like mile 9 the person in front of me in the pace line stopped suddenly and I hit her tire. It was a pretty hard hit but luckily the arm guards kept my arms totally unharmed, just got a pretty nasty leg bruise. It hurt pretty bad for the next 43 miles. When I stopped riding I pretty much can't move it now, but I think I just need to rest it.

Look at my wound!

Also my first "nice" pair of cycling shorts (pictured above) were awesome but my ass still hurt by mile 40! What's the secret??? I even tried the chamois cream.


  1. Good long ride. A good fitting and more time in the saddle will help the soreness.

  2. Oh... and nice bruise. Its like a badge of honor!

  3. Maybe it's the seat? I usually wear "el cheapo" shorts and don't have problems. Have you tried using a liquid bandage for that scrape? Applying it hurts you don't have to worry about it when you swim and shower.

    1. I was thinking maybe that was it. Do you do 50+ miles with no problems?

    2. I've done a few 50+ with no probs. I'll stand up a few times but so little I can't remember. I have a Cobb V-Flow Plus saddle and it's pretty awesome. Is the fitting correct? That could be a contributing factor too.