Sunday, January 8, 2012

i want to ride my bicycle, bicycle

Cycling clinic has officially started! Not too much to say about it yet, but I am very excited to do something that doesn't cause pain in my foot. It was a trainer workout to start so the new people could get an idea of how the clinic worked and to deal with logistics.

I also start physical therapy tomorrow so we will see how that is. I have had to lay off the P90x for awhile because even the warmups have really been causing severe pain even modified. I am going to start over as soon as this is all fixed, but I really actually have to say I like the P90x program.

Annie is starting her taper for her next marathon. I can't believe she PR'd Honolulu and is now doing one in Texas in less than a week.


What's everyone else doing?


  1. Where is the cycling clinic? BOCA?

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  3. Elliptical a few times a week at the gym because I'm slow :) That's what I've been doing :)