Wednesday, January 11, 2012

even the nights are better, since i found you

.... Mr. Physical Therapist.

I had my first physical therapy appointment and it was determined I probably just have a stretched ligament that is not healing. I have been following the doctors orders religiously. When to use heat, when to use ice, doing the stretches and even wearing real shoes to work (this has been the hardest one for me).

I have to say it is doing much better. I ran last night for about 15 minutes after cycling clinic with no pain at all. I have 7 more appointments this month so I hope that it continues to improve.

Cycling clinic is going awesome. So far we have done 2 trainer workouts and Thursday we will be on the road. I am really learning a lot. So far its mostly bike skills, but that is exactly what I need. The hardest part for me now is juggling work, my class at UH, and getting to cycling clinic on time. I hope to get into a routine soon.


  1. I am seeing more and more bike trainer posts on the blogosphere lately. Makes me want to dust mine off and make it part of my training program.

    1. I would do it. There are a lot of things you can only do on the trainer, like one leg drills. I feel like it makes me a much stronger rider!