Sunday, January 29, 2012

an egg-cellent blog entry

For those of you who don't follow my friend Angie's blog (which you should be doing) you should read this awesome entry. Mostly because it's about me, but also because it's funny and it documents Angie's attempt at using eggies. There are also some relevant marathon photos.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

for SME

I'm only doing this because SME wants to know my answers, sorry I don't do the tagging thing. I barely have the energy to do this.

11 Random things about me:
1. I have never had coffee (I might have had a sip once, but spit it out)
2. I hate peppers of all kinds and colors
3. I truly believe my cat Bailey is superior to most people
4. I am probably funnier than you.
5. I'd rather do an Ironman than get my PhD
6. I hate it when my clothes match
7. I've never worn heels
8. I eat the same thing everyday
9. I love anything pink and camo
10. I have a panic attack every time I leave the house if I think I have to meet new people or have conversations with people
11. I have a weird ability to memorize song lyrics after hearing a song once and I quote songs in normal conversation everyday. My friends often get random song lyric texts

11 Questions from Kepa:
1. Do you keep a training log?
Daily Mile and my blog.

2. Do you think videos of guys getting hit in their privates are funny?
No, I think captioned cats with poor English is funny.

3. Train/Race - socks or no socks?
Only socks for the run for races. For training I wear socks for long rides though.

4. What is your favorite movie?
I have many. Beaches, Zoolander, Romy and Michelle, Mean Girls

5. Do you listen to music while you train?
Yes, when I train alone.

6. Heel striker or mid/forefoot?
Recovering heel striker

7. How many pairs of running shoes do you own?
Own, like 5. Currently rotating between, 3.

8. What is your favorite color?

9. Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent, Other... Don't Care?
Yeah I'm not going to discuss politics on this blog, sorry.

10. At what training distance do you decide to carry your own hydration?
Luckily in Hawaii we have water almost everywhere. I'd only carry hydration on a new route far from town.

11. Do you wear your workout clothes more than once before washing them?
No, I smell too bad after I work out.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

don't go chasing waterfalls, please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're use to

This blog title has no relevance to anything, but I've been listening to a good deal of TLC and other 90's awesome music lately. Not too much going on lately, let's see:

1. No more foot pain, I'll be finishing out PT very soon.
2. Been running and swimming a few times a week. Nothing serious, just to keep my skills up.
3. Really loving all that I'm learning at cycling clinic. Practicing pace lines and rode up Tantalus again. This time I felt so much better and did it in 44 minutes.
4. I am taking a programming class that is really cutting into my training.

That's really abut it. I am going to kick up the running a bit and plan to start P90x soon. I keep saying "soon" but I think I want to start after my birthday (2/13) so I can go alcohol free until Honu.

Monday, January 16, 2012

crash into me, baby

Fact: I hate Dave Matthews, but this blog Title is applicable for 2 reasons.

1. Annie is a huge Dave fan and always has been. Despite this flaw I am so proud of her for PR'ing her second marathon in a month. I think she has to be doping.

2. I actually did crash this weekend.

If you had asked me last week what the scariest type of line out there was, I would probably have said "line of cocaine." Nope, that is incorrect, I now know the scariest kind of line out there is a pace line.

In my life, I have participated in team sports (basketball, softball) as well as individual sports (track, tennis) and I have always been much happier in sports done alone because:

1. I dislike most people
2. If I suck I don't want to hold you back
3. If you suck I don't want you to make me look bad

Triathlon is a great sport for the loner. Yes, you can train with a group and help each other to be better but come race day you have to complete that entire race on your own (unless you are doing a relay then that's different). When you cross that finish like you know, YOU accomplished that win and if you didn't finish, YOU didn't alone. Of course there are other variables on race day like weather, tripping over people taking pictures on the course etc, but for the most part even with your family and friends helping you, you still do the race alone.

I just assumed cycling was the same. It is not. I had no idea what a "team effort" it takes to cycle efficiently in a pace line and that you are essentially trusting these people with your life. In a pace line, you can't see around you and have to trust the people in front of you to tell you what's coming up, to not brake suddenly, and to be your eyes. This terrifies me. My coach said that you can really learn a lot about yourself by cycling and I am seeing this. It was really hard for me to trust these people some of them who I had never met before.

I did OK with the pace line. I tried not to get too close, but I felt much better when I was behind a guy I knew. Sadly, I did go too fast at one point and crashed into his tire. Thankfully I went down, but he did not. No injuries because I had bike sleeves on (I highly recommend them for sun and road rash protection)

The ride was about 25 miles total and next week will be closer to 50.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

running just as fast as we can, holding on to one anothers hand

I have 2 very exciting pieces of news I must share:

1. I ran 6 miles with no pain at all yesterday. Thank you Mr. Physical Therapist. (Don't worry Annie, I won't quit going.... yet). I am still not going to be doing any runs longer than 6 miles for awhile but it's really nice not to have pain.

2. I successfully changed and patched my bike tire all by myself. This might not seem like a huge feat to you all but trust me this has been a very stressful thing for me. I just haven't been strong enough to get the tire off by myself, so I get frustrated and make someone help me. I knew I couldn't go on that way as I would need to learn this skill but I was just putting it off. Last night I knew I had no choice. I had a flat that needed patched and I have to get to cycling clinic by 5:15 today. This meant NO TIME for help. It took me about 20 minutes, one scratched finger, 3 broken nails and 2 cats almost hurled across the room out of frustration but I did it!! Now I just gotta work on doing it faster.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

even the nights are better, since i found you

.... Mr. Physical Therapist.

I had my first physical therapy appointment and it was determined I probably just have a stretched ligament that is not healing. I have been following the doctors orders religiously. When to use heat, when to use ice, doing the stretches and even wearing real shoes to work (this has been the hardest one for me).

I have to say it is doing much better. I ran last night for about 15 minutes after cycling clinic with no pain at all. I have 7 more appointments this month so I hope that it continues to improve.

Cycling clinic is going awesome. So far we have done 2 trainer workouts and Thursday we will be on the road. I am really learning a lot. So far its mostly bike skills, but that is exactly what I need. The hardest part for me now is juggling work, my class at UH, and getting to cycling clinic on time. I hope to get into a routine soon.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

i want to ride my bicycle, bicycle

Cycling clinic has officially started! Not too much to say about it yet, but I am very excited to do something that doesn't cause pain in my foot. It was a trainer workout to start so the new people could get an idea of how the clinic worked and to deal with logistics.

I also start physical therapy tomorrow so we will see how that is. I have had to lay off the P90x for awhile because even the warmups have really been causing severe pain even modified. I am going to start over as soon as this is all fixed, but I really actually have to say I like the P90x program.

Annie is starting her taper for her next marathon. I can't believe she PR'd Honolulu and is now doing one in Texas in less than a week.


What's everyone else doing?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

happy new year!

Started the year out right with my longest ride to date, which wasn't that far but I don't have much cycling experience. We did about 30 miles today starting in Kailua to Makapuu and back. It was pretty hilly but I am glad to see that
1. my bike still works and
2. I can still ride it!

Here's a picture from our adventure.