Sunday, December 18, 2011

i work out

First, I would also like to commend any of you that have done this program and have a full time job. I am luckily off for the next 16 days, but just the prep work took me about 4 hours today.

Today I...
1. Watched the "How to Bring It" video (lame)
2. Took my before pictures (tragic)
3. Figured out how to use my heart rate monitor (easy)
4. Figured out how to use my new dumbells that you can change the weights of (rocketscience)
5. Did the fit test (exhausting)

I know I am not overweight, but I am not happy with how flabby my stomach is for the amount that I work out!!!


  1. If you stick with the P90X you are going to love the before and after photos. Btw, if you want the P90X results... a good 75% to 80% is nutrition. Trust me on this one!

  2. You are so brave for posting these photos!!! Although, you look great in them LOL. Mine are a whole other story. Glad you're enjoying "the x"!