Friday, December 16, 2011

give me everything tonight

It's no secret that I dislike downtime. As soon as I hit that finish line I was thinking "what's next." I am taking 10 full days off of running per my coach and I am going to try to enjoy it. Today is my last official binge day, however. I have a Christmas party to go to and then I'm pretty much over it. I feel if I keep eating the way I am I might get the gift of Diabetes for Christmas.

So what's next?? I have a couple of things in the works. I am off work until January 2nd so I am going to hit the YMCA and concentrate mostly on yoga and swimming. I also have cycling clinic coming up starting January 7th and then the training for the half Ironman after that.

I have also decided that since I am going to be on a little break from running to concentrate on cycling that now would be a perfect time to start a round (my first round ever) of P90x.

Why do I want to try P90x?

For about a year I was an avid Crossfitter. There are pros and cons to Crossfit, but in the end I was in fantastic shape. I do feel it's fairly expensive and don't believe in some of their philosophies (like eating paleo) but it really did give me amazing results. I gave up Crossfit about 4 months ago now to concentrate mostly on running, cycling, swimming. I really think this was the right financial decision but I am losing muscle mass. I want that cut look back so here I am considering giving P90x a shot. I've taken the past week to gather all the materials and equipment I need and now that my post marathon binge is over I am going to take the initial pictures and start it this weekend.

I know this is a huge time commitment, but I know I am able to do it. I love that I will be able to do it at home as well. If any of you have any suggestions or comments, I'd love to hear them. I plan to follow the exercise program fairly strictly but am not going to be doing their diet or supplements. When I am training I feel like I have found the optimal diet for myself so I am going to stick with that.

Here I go starting my P90x journey.... right after I finish this Twix bar.


  1. This is your best post ever for the following reasons: humor (especially gift of diabetes), anti-paleo attitude, and "gathering materials" meaning getting stuff from my haus. I can't wait to hear about p90x. Tony will make you want the recovery drink, I know I do! Also, Karen Pot-stirrer rocks, it's the best part. What kind of soup are you having?! Now, even if you're thinking about not doing it you'll have to watch to see what the hell I'm talking about!

  2. I did P90X a couple years ago. My body fat was over 30% when I started. By the time I finished my second round of P90X I went down to 8.5%. I am not that low right now, but I have kept most of the weight off. I was 200 pounds when I started and 140 when I was done. I am at 154 right now. As you probably already know, Jeff did P90X with good results too.

  3. WOW! Diesel Deanna. Go for it. Post results :O)