Saturday, November 12, 2011

little rock, pasternak, mickey mantle, kerouac

If you aren't familiar with the above song lyric, it's from Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire." Oh yeah, my last name is in a song. How cool am I? Well... mostly how cool is my cousin. Congrats to my youngest cousin Christopher who completed his first sprint distance triathlon and finished first in his age group of 20-24. He said that my tips and advice helped him (I'm thinking it was more military PT), so that's pretty awesome. So proud of him. What a fine way for a war vet to spend his Veterans Day weekend.

My run today went well. The coaches put 20 on the schedule but then they changed it to 18. They said because of the course we ran today the 2 additional miles just wasn't worth the wear and tear on our legs. I am so glad they made that decision, todays run was f-in hard. We met at triangle park and then ran towards Palolo Valley and had an aid station at our coaches house which was way at the very top of a big hill in Palolo.

Seriously, the road ended and it became trail and there were chickens everywhere. It was awesome.... but it was really hard. We came back to civilization and ran out Kalanianaole to get the additional miles and ended at triangle park at 18 miles. My legs are kinda beat up so I am looking forward to only doing a 13.1 next Saturday


  1. Ummm, I really really hope this run isn't part of the marathon!!! Starting to freak out!

  2. No... don't worry this was just a training run! The marathon is mostly flat.. 2 hills