Wednesday, November 2, 2011

all the things I know right now, if i only knew back then

After a rough week last week and a defeating Tantalus run, I finally feel like I'm back. I'm pleased that it really only took a week to get back into it and I am going to dedicate this last 6 weeks to the best possible training I can.

I had a great run yesterday and was able to keep up with my group. We have a 20 mile run coming up this Saturday. I think I'm going to struggle a little bit, but after that I think I will be OK. I am excited to use this 20 mile run to gauge how well I am doing.

I can't believe here is is November already and there are only 38 days until the race. This month is crucial to staying injury free and making sure I run hard.

Not much else to report. How is everyone else's training going whether it be for the Honolulu marathon or any other race? What's your longest run so far?


  1. I will be doing a 4 hours run this Saturday. Probably not going to be 20 miles though. I just finished the PF Chang 30k (18.6 miles) a week and a half ago. Yes, only 38 more days until I do my very first marathon... yippee, I think!

  2. Like like like. No race to train for thus longest 15 miles I believe

  3. I am not as crazy as you, and therefore only training for a half-marathon, but I ran a test 13.1 mile run at a slow pace 2 weeks ago, and set my personal best 10K last weekend (in the snow!).

  4. Good luck on the marathon Kepa! That's awesome on the 10k pr Jeff!!

  5. Thanks! It was surprisingly fun running in ~32 degrees with snow. Not that you living-in-paradise people would understand...

  6. I have 20 miles on Sunday! So psyched we are doing this together!!