Saturday, November 26, 2011

whoa, we're half way there. whoa oh, livin' on a prayer

whoa, it's been awhile since I've blogged. Mostly because I hate blogging. But I am really going to make an effort to update this regularly until I complete my first Ironman.... after that I can't promise anything.

Training is going good. I've been swimming regularly and even am being told that I am getting better. Have not been cycling much but I have plenty of time for that when cycling clinic starts. Running is going good. Today was my last long run and now I am officially TAPERING! I love that word this year. I feel that I have really trained my ass off. I have reevaluated my target time and I am really pleased with my progress.

Only 2 weeks to go and less than that until my college friend Annie arrives to run it with me. I am so excited for this as I haven't seen her in probably 8+ years and it's her first trip to Hawaii. More as we get closer to the race!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

baby it's cold outside

Good training week overall. Did a lighter workout Tuesday and then had a grueling sprint workout on Thursday. I missed my Wednesday swim (I couldn't say no to a restaurant week deal at Town) but I did get to swim twice this week! I met a friend before work on Friday at Kaimana beach and we swam out to the windsock and back. Did the same swim today after my "long" run. Luckily we didn't get stung by any jellyfish like the 2 people we saw come over to the life guard. He didn't put the signs up until we were leaving! And man, the water is freaking cold this week. Is it possible to get hypothermia in Hawaii?

Todays long run was much more mellow than the last 2 weeks. After a 20 and 18 mile run I decided to do a little easier pace for the 13 one today. My friend is also tapering for the Las Vegas marathon so we went at closer to a 10 min mile pace. I felt good and am hoping my legs will recover a little from not pushing it too hard.

Other than that, not much going on here. Work is busy and I'm just getting ready for Annie and Anne to visit!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

little rock, pasternak, mickey mantle, kerouac

If you aren't familiar with the above song lyric, it's from Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire." Oh yeah, my last name is in a song. How cool am I? Well... mostly how cool is my cousin. Congrats to my youngest cousin Christopher who completed his first sprint distance triathlon and finished first in his age group of 20-24. He said that my tips and advice helped him (I'm thinking it was more military PT), so that's pretty awesome. So proud of him. What a fine way for a war vet to spend his Veterans Day weekend.

My run today went well. The coaches put 20 on the schedule but then they changed it to 18. They said because of the course we ran today the 2 additional miles just wasn't worth the wear and tear on our legs. I am so glad they made that decision, todays run was f-in hard. We met at triangle park and then ran towards Palolo Valley and had an aid station at our coaches house which was way at the very top of a big hill in Palolo.

Seriously, the road ended and it became trail and there were chickens everywhere. It was awesome.... but it was really hard. We came back to civilization and ran out Kalanianaole to get the additional miles and ended at triangle park at 18 miles. My legs are kinda beat up so I am looking forward to only doing a 13.1 next Saturday

if you're not into yoga, if you have half a brain

I've been feeling super tight lately. Since the 20 mile run on Saturday my legs have just felt so heavy. Tonight I went to my first yoga class in a very long time. It is much easier than the yoga I did when I was really into yoga (before triathons).

I was really shocked how inflexible I am now. My entire body is so freaking tight. I am going to try to remember this each week so that I can make myself go at least once a week. There are 2 classes that fit my schedule. One is Monday night and One is Friday night. You know how it goes, Monday you are exhausted from the first day back at work and Friday you're exhausted from an entire week of work. I don't run on Mondays and only run a short distance on Friday so these are also the days I want to sit in my pajamas and eat peanut butter right off the spoon while watching netflix.

I really did enjoy the class and I encourage all of you triathletes or runners to add yoga or just more general stretching to your routine.

Hopefully I will be nice and limber for the long run tomorrow morning.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

it's getting better all the time

...and when I say getting better I mean the pain from my Portuguese man o' war sting. Don't worry Annie, they aren't there all the time and there were signs posted I just missed them. Let me tell you though, I got stung in the hand about 4 hours ago and this pain is intense. At least I can type now!

Ok, back to the important stuff, the 20 mile run. It actually went really well. The weather was perfect, overcast but no rain and my nutrition was perfect. We ended up doing about 20.5 miles along the actual marathon course. I am not at my goal pace, but I also wasn't fresh. I am just happy that I finished it since my last long run was the 15 mile run about a month ago. The plan is to do another 20 mile run next Saturday and then go down to 13.1 the week after that.

I was pretty sore yesterday, but after the ice bath, compression socks, ibuprofen and stretching I feel great today. I did a 5 mile recovery run and I feel like by Tuesday I will be ready for whatever workout they throw at us. Next week I am going to try to take about 10 minutes off the 20 mile run I think I will be better mentally prepared going into it this time.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

all the things I know right now, if i only knew back then

After a rough week last week and a defeating Tantalus run, I finally feel like I'm back. I'm pleased that it really only took a week to get back into it and I am going to dedicate this last 6 weeks to the best possible training I can.

I had a great run yesterday and was able to keep up with my group. We have a 20 mile run coming up this Saturday. I think I'm going to struggle a little bit, but after that I think I will be OK. I am excited to use this 20 mile run to gauge how well I am doing.

I can't believe here is is November already and there are only 38 days until the race. This month is crucial to staying injury free and making sure I run hard.

Not much else to report. How is everyone else's training going whether it be for the Honolulu marathon or any other race? What's your longest run so far?