Sunday, October 2, 2011

marathon training recap: week 5

Not a very eventful week. Made all my workouts and I feel stronger and faster. I need to get to yoga more though.

Week 5
miles run: 32
miles on the bike: 1 trainer workout.
masters swims: 1
yoga class: 0


  1. Music suggestions
    Borderline Madonna
    Bring me to life (my favorite for the end) evanescence
    Don't stop believing journey
    Here comes the rain eurythmics
    If we ever meet again (not sure if you have this)
    Just like a pill pink
    Just the way you are Bruno mars
    Love the way you lie eminem
    Viva la Vida cold play
    Waking up in Vegas Katy perry
    I tried to screen through my favorites so I would not overlap.

  2. 22 miles? what the.. when do you find the time?

  3. Thanks Phil, that was a typo. Should say 32.

  4. Uneventful, but productive... I consider that a good thing!!!