Sunday, September 4, 2011

sunday bloody sunday

I've been running since about 2007. Since that time, I have always done my long runs on Sundays and most of the time it was Sunday night. With doing the training clinic, this pushes my long run to early Saturday morning. This isn't a bad thing because it gets it out of the way early in the weekend, but I'm very used to having Saturday to unwind from the week before my long run instead of finishing the week, going to bed early, and being up at 5:30am. I'm sure I will adjust to it. It has just been difficult. I do like having the rest of the weekend to not stress over it.

I have decided that since Sunday is a designated short run and cross training day, that I am going to try to ride my bike every Sunday (at least until training no longer allows for it.) The past 2 Saturdays have been great, I have gotten up and did my ride at least before 10:00am.

Today I wasn't so lucky. Yesterday was a mix of an early 10 mile run, a deep tissue massage, and my first UH football game. I think the massage really kicked my ass because I came home and was asleep by 8pm and didn't wake up for another 13 hours. When I did get up, I didn't start moving until way after the "its so hot you're going to die" riding weather. I also had the following other excuses not to ride.

1. Heat
2. I ran out of sunblock (valid, but still an excuse)
3. I wanted to start Modern Family
4. There was a road race on my usual route
5. I would be riding alone

As hard as I tried I could not make any of these excuses carry over to the trainer. In fact I could take care of #3 while I was riding. I also really had to cross train today. My masters training is cancelled tomorrow for federal holiday and my schedule isn't going to allow me time to swim tomorrow (I will be at the beach day day drinking mixed drinks)

I've tried the trainer on my own. I do about as good on a trainer as I do on a treadmill. I last about 20 minutes. Today I did a little more prep work. I got the modern family DVD ready, made the living room less crowded, and even took a gel (this was to trick myself into keep going. I can't take 100 calories and NOT work it off right?)

My setup (yes... my TV is from like 1987)

I did really good. The cats slept well and didn't harass me too much and I cycled continuously for 1 hour (2.5 episodes of Modern Family). I did a few harder gears, but didn't have super fast leg turnover. But I think this is ok since I'm just using this as cross training and not training for a road race right now. I can't wait to get a cyclometer from my brothers store when I go back to Pittsburgh next month. I think it will give me motivation to stay at a decent leg turnover, but for now lets say I went fairly slow.

I'm also supposed to do 3-5 miles on grass or a treadmill today. Let's see if I can talk myself out of that!

** update: did 4.25 miles in the hot 3pm heat on grass.


  1. Did you, at any point, actually fall off of the bike because you were laughing so hard?

  2. I did not fall off the bike at all!!