Wednesday, September 14, 2011

she's going the distance, she's going for speed

This will probably be my last blog entry for about a week. I am going to be heading to Maui in a few days to run the half marathon. My brother will have his iPad, but I'm not sure how much time I'll have for blogging. I am pretty excited about it because I am meeting my brother and his wife to spend the week there. Last year I did this race and fell in love with the course through Lahaina.

My time was 2:07:51 and I am hoping to do a sub 2 this year. My goal is 1:45.
This half is timed pretty nicely in with my training, I talked to coach and this weekend we'd probably be doing 11-13 miles anyway. I just have to stay on track and keep up with my runs while enjoying Maui for a week.

Aloha, until my race report!


  1. Good luck & Godspeed, literally! Run like Forrest

  2. Have a great race and a great visit with your brother!