Thursday, September 29, 2011

a quick shout out

Just a quick shout out to my cousin Chris who is stationed in the air force in Las Vegas. He signed up for his first sprint tri on November 12. I gave him some pointers and training tips from my experience but if you have any of your top 5 tips for a first timer training on his own, please post them here and I will pass them on to him.

My tip for him is to not use this bike he's riding in a Facebook pic


  1. He might want to slap some aero bars on the bad boy and he needs to get clipless pedals (-:

    Also tell him to not bring a bucket to transition.

  2. Someone told me there are videos out there on YouTube that give examples of transitions. Don't know if they are any good

  3. Top 5 (not in any particular order)...

    1. Show up early and getting an end-rack in transition.
    2. Make a checklist of all the items he will need.
    3. Pack up a day early.
    4. Don't do anything new on race day (nutrition, gear, etc).
    5. Have a whole bunch of fun!!!