Sunday, September 11, 2011

marathon training recap: week 2

This was a pretty decent week. I did miss my Thursday workout, but I have moved on past being upset about it (after eating large amounts of curry to ease my depression).

The only notable event is that I finished my 11 mile run (that's technically a week 3 run) with a negative split and towards the end I was cruising at a 9:34 pace. That's awesome for me.

I'm digging the foam roller... almost as much as my cats are.

miles run: 25
miles on the bike: 0
Trainer workouts - 1 hour
masters swims: 1
yoga class: 0


  1. I am interested in taking a masters swim class to help me improve. Any suggestions for a group in the Honolulu area?

  2. Not sure maybe try UH? I haven't had time to research theres much.