Friday, September 2, 2011

marathon training recap: week 1

I decided to spare you all the song titles for the weekly training recaps. Don't worry I still have plenty of power ballad titles to post. This was a great week over. I had a few minor set backs but they were health related and not motivation which makes me feel better because I really couldn't control them.

I only really missed 1 workout from being sick so I can't really complain.

miles run: 16.5
miles on the bike: 13
masters swims: 1
yoga class: 1

My mileage isn't really there yet mostly because the "long" run day was the first day at Boca and we were getting a feel for our groups. I almost missed a short run on Wednesday due to being sick. Tomorrow will be the first official long run day.

I also am back to yoga which makes me happy. I'm going to an easier class that I used to because I have lost so much flexibility!


  1. I wish there was a like button on blogs

  2. @SME... use can use the +1 button above!

  3. Deanna - I'm not an athlete like you and don't know what a masters swim is. I'm assuming it's not called that because you have your masters degree! If I swam would that make it a bachelors swim?!

  4. Angie - "masters" = old. You wouldn't understand. You prob weren't born yet. If you swam we'd call it lil swim, after lil Wayne.

  5. Great week! I think we also need to add in some training time for hanging out a the beach and drinking frosty drinks. Just sayin

  6. you're right Annie and the faster we finish the race, the more beach time we get! How's that for incentive!