Thursday, September 8, 2011

hold on for one more day

Tonight sucked....and I'm blogging about it so hopefully someone can say they have had a similar experience and I am normal and not a lunatic like my "non tri" friends think. It's amazing what lessons you can learn about yourself from working out and how problem solving workouts can help you in everyday life. I am a very obsessive person. Anything I do, I do it all the way. I am going to venture to say that's probably the type A+++++ personality type of most athletes. I also thrive on routine and do not do well with adapting to sudden change.

Tonight I did my normal Thursday routine, flew home from work, got ready to do my workout, made sure I had my GPS watch (I always forget it) and drove to the studio. Only we weren't meeting at the studio. In all that has been going on in the week, I never once considered the location on the schedule might change and we'd be meeting at Kapiolani Park. I drove there ASAP. Got there in 15 minutes, saw the group running and couldn't find parking. By this point I was a mess, I HATE being late for things but by this point I was also so upset that I knew I wasn't going to stay OR even do a workout. Which is silly, I should have calmed myself down and headed straight for the YMCA and did a 30 minute treadmill run.

Instead I called 2 friends to have them calm me down and reassure me that I am not a failure and no I don't suck. I also decided to go get myself a foam roller. So I will use that tonight instead of a work out because I suck and talked myself out of it.

The lesson that I learned here is that really this behavior does carry over to other parts of my life and I really need to work on it. When something does not go exactly as planned in my strict schedule, I need to adapt better and be able to change the plan. I do not do this well in any aspect of my life. I just shut down and do nothing.

That's an awful lot of personal info/whining for one day, but I'm hoping to learn a lot about myself and what I need to work on throughout this process. I will not be successful if I can not adapt to a varying schedule because even though Wilson Phillips says so, "things will not always go my way."


  1. Hey Deanna at least you realize it is something that you need to work on. No one is perfect and you could have a lot worse qualities.
    You can always adapt and run tomorrow :0)

  2. I don't adapt to change well at all either. Particularly when it comes to my workouts. I, too, have skipped a workout b/c of change that I don't want to deal with. I figure as long as it only happens once in a while it is ok.