Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Do you remember the 21st night of September?

Even though I am on vacation and typing this on my brothers iPad (this kinda sucks) I had to blog today because that blog title song is perfect for today!

So Saturday I arrived in Maui around 11am after my exhausting 30 minute flight. I got the car and since I am fairly familiar with the airport area I drove around in search of a healthy lunch. I actually scored with Denny's. They have a really healthy egg white only omelet thing. I sat around for 2 hours and finally after 10 months since my last visit home my brother and his wife landed. We drove to our hotel and the first thing we did was get my race packet. Once operation packet pickup was successful we went back to the hotel and ate dinner. We called it an early night since they were exhausted from their 12 hour flight and I had to get up at 4:30.

I slept great! Didn't even need the earplugs I brought because no one snored! I was up at 4:30 ate the power bar and banana I made sure to get the day before and headed off. I'd like to note that I am highly superstitious about changing anything in my routine normally on race day but among the awesome stuff my brother got me (yay for working at a sporting good store), he brought me glide. I've never used it before but decided how bad could it be? Worst case it does nothing.

The start line was 1 mile from the hotel so I jogged down to warm up. I stretched for a litle while then went to find Terri. I met Terri last year at this race. I knew she was from Pittsburgh when I over heard her talking. It was so awesome to catch up with her and we decided to start the race together.

Then tragedy struck....

My gps watch has been a pain in the ass lately randomly moving to various screens when I'm running so the say before I figured out how to lock the bezel. Now I also knew how to unlock it but in the chaos and nervousness I forgot. Total mind blank. I had no watch the entire race. I quickly remembered how to do it post race though.

Luckily Terri had a watch so she could pace us. We started at around 9:20 min miles and never got slower. By mile 3 we were doing 8:50 min and then we were below 8 min for the rest of the race.

I love this course. It goes through Lahaina town and it is just beautiful. The weather was great for the most part. It was dark for the first 5-6 miles and only got hot at mile 11.

This was the first race my brother got to see me finish so that was super awesome. My goal was under 2 hours since last year I did 2:07. This year I did 1:50 so I think 17 min faster is pretty awesome. Overall I came in 136/1097 and in my age group I was 13/110. I'm pleased overall.

The only things I'd change were not remembering how to use my watch and I need to work on my pace. If I am finishing at a 7:30 pace why does it take me so long to warm up at 9:30 pace! Do I need more warmup? I guess. I'll try to start out faster in practice runs.


  1. Nice race report. Great finishing time. You paced your race very well. I wish I could keep a pace like that. Congrats on the PR!

  2. Great PR! It is good to race with out a watch sometimes - running by feel tells you a lot about your fitness!

  3. Way to go! Silly watch. Did you keep saying "I'm late, I'm late for a very important date!" That might get you to run a little faster :)

  4. Great race! You are going to kick my ass in December!