Thursday, September 29, 2011

a quick shout out

Just a quick shout out to my cousin Chris who is stationed in the air force in Las Vegas. He signed up for his first sprint tri on November 12. I gave him some pointers and training tips from my experience but if you have any of your top 5 tips for a first timer training on his own, please post them here and I will pass them on to him.

My tip for him is to not use this bike he's riding in a Facebook pic

ch-ch-ch-ch-changes...turn and face the strain

I've been a bit overwhelmed lately. I've mentioned before how much I hate change and I have had a good deal of change to my routine lately. All of it is good change, but disruption none the less.

As you all know I spent a week in Maui last week with my family and some friends. That was an amazing fun trip, but I feel like I'm still recovering from it and here I go packing for a 2 week trip to Pittsburgh and Florida in a week!

I don't feel like my workouts suffered too much in Maui. Mostly because I did run the half marathon and got one more run in. I also made it to the long run the next day. This trip has me traveling over 3 long workouts and travel home is so stressful. I am going to have to work really hard to get a good number of runs in. I might just have to see less people this trip if necessary.

I also got a new job. I started it officially the day before I left for Maui so this is my first official week in the job. I came back and had to move my office and was totally disoriented for a few days. My new job is still at the same place just doing different stuff. I'm super excited about the change and I know it is going to be a challenge.

Having said all this, I haven't missed one workout this week. So suck it change, I win this round.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

marathon training recap: week 3 & 4

I had the worst run of my life today. Hit a wall super hard. I hate everyone right now and do not feel like blogging. Here is my recap for week 3 and 4.

Week 3
miles run: 26
miles on the bike: 11
masters swims: 1
yoga class: 1

Week 4 (in Maui)
miles run: 20
miles on the bike: 0
masters swims: 0
yoga class: 0
beers drank: 11

Gotta get my mileage up now that I'm back to training!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Do you remember the 21st night of September?

Even though I am on vacation and typing this on my brothers iPad (this kinda sucks) I had to blog today because that blog title song is perfect for today!

So Saturday I arrived in Maui around 11am after my exhausting 30 minute flight. I got the car and since I am fairly familiar with the airport area I drove around in search of a healthy lunch. I actually scored with Denny's. They have a really healthy egg white only omelet thing. I sat around for 2 hours and finally after 10 months since my last visit home my brother and his wife landed. We drove to our hotel and the first thing we did was get my race packet. Once operation packet pickup was successful we went back to the hotel and ate dinner. We called it an early night since they were exhausted from their 12 hour flight and I had to get up at 4:30.

I slept great! Didn't even need the earplugs I brought because no one snored! I was up at 4:30 ate the power bar and banana I made sure to get the day before and headed off. I'd like to note that I am highly superstitious about changing anything in my routine normally on race day but among the awesome stuff my brother got me (yay for working at a sporting good store), he brought me glide. I've never used it before but decided how bad could it be? Worst case it does nothing.

The start line was 1 mile from the hotel so I jogged down to warm up. I stretched for a litle while then went to find Terri. I met Terri last year at this race. I knew she was from Pittsburgh when I over heard her talking. It was so awesome to catch up with her and we decided to start the race together.

Then tragedy struck....

My gps watch has been a pain in the ass lately randomly moving to various screens when I'm running so the say before I figured out how to lock the bezel. Now I also knew how to unlock it but in the chaos and nervousness I forgot. Total mind blank. I had no watch the entire race. I quickly remembered how to do it post race though.

Luckily Terri had a watch so she could pace us. We started at around 9:20 min miles and never got slower. By mile 3 we were doing 8:50 min and then we were below 8 min for the rest of the race.

I love this course. It goes through Lahaina town and it is just beautiful. The weather was great for the most part. It was dark for the first 5-6 miles and only got hot at mile 11.

This was the first race my brother got to see me finish so that was super awesome. My goal was under 2 hours since last year I did 2:07. This year I did 1:50 so I think 17 min faster is pretty awesome. Overall I came in 136/1097 and in my age group I was 13/110. I'm pleased overall.

The only things I'd change were not remembering how to use my watch and I need to work on my pace. If I am finishing at a 7:30 pace why does it take me so long to warm up at 9:30 pace! Do I need more warmup? I guess. I'll try to start out faster in practice runs.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

she's going the distance, she's going for speed

This will probably be my last blog entry for about a week. I am going to be heading to Maui in a few days to run the half marathon. My brother will have his iPad, but I'm not sure how much time I'll have for blogging. I am pretty excited about it because I am meeting my brother and his wife to spend the week there. Last year I did this race and fell in love with the course through Lahaina.

My time was 2:07:51 and I am hoping to do a sub 2 this year. My goal is 1:45.
This half is timed pretty nicely in with my training, I talked to coach and this weekend we'd probably be doing 11-13 miles anyway. I just have to stay on track and keep up with my runs while enjoying Maui for a week.

Aloha, until my race report!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

marathon training recap: week 2

This was a pretty decent week. I did miss my Thursday workout, but I have moved on past being upset about it (after eating large amounts of curry to ease my depression).

The only notable event is that I finished my 11 mile run (that's technically a week 3 run) with a negative split and towards the end I was cruising at a 9:34 pace. That's awesome for me.

I'm digging the foam roller... almost as much as my cats are.

miles run: 25
miles on the bike: 0
Trainer workouts - 1 hour
masters swims: 1
yoga class: 0

Thursday, September 8, 2011

hold on for one more day

Tonight sucked....and I'm blogging about it so hopefully someone can say they have had a similar experience and I am normal and not a lunatic like my "non tri" friends think. It's amazing what lessons you can learn about yourself from working out and how problem solving workouts can help you in everyday life. I am a very obsessive person. Anything I do, I do it all the way. I am going to venture to say that's probably the type A+++++ personality type of most athletes. I also thrive on routine and do not do well with adapting to sudden change.

Tonight I did my normal Thursday routine, flew home from work, got ready to do my workout, made sure I had my GPS watch (I always forget it) and drove to the studio. Only we weren't meeting at the studio. In all that has been going on in the week, I never once considered the location on the schedule might change and we'd be meeting at Kapiolani Park. I drove there ASAP. Got there in 15 minutes, saw the group running and couldn't find parking. By this point I was a mess, I HATE being late for things but by this point I was also so upset that I knew I wasn't going to stay OR even do a workout. Which is silly, I should have calmed myself down and headed straight for the YMCA and did a 30 minute treadmill run.

Instead I called 2 friends to have them calm me down and reassure me that I am not a failure and no I don't suck. I also decided to go get myself a foam roller. So I will use that tonight instead of a work out because I suck and talked myself out of it.

The lesson that I learned here is that really this behavior does carry over to other parts of my life and I really need to work on it. When something does not go exactly as planned in my strict schedule, I need to adapt better and be able to change the plan. I do not do this well in any aspect of my life. I just shut down and do nothing.

That's an awful lot of personal info/whining for one day, but I'm hoping to learn a lot about myself and what I need to work on throughout this process. I will not be successful if I can not adapt to a varying schedule because even though Wilson Phillips says so, "things will not always go my way."

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

music and stuff

1. Running music is very important to me. I published my running play list on a page that you can find from the tabs on the top. It is called "music i think is awesome." Please feel free to add songs that you think I should have!

2. Foam rollers: Worth the money? Discuss

Monday, September 5, 2011

this could really be the good life

Happy Labor Day!

I've been listening to this song a good bit while running.

This song just reminds me that I am really living the "good life." I'm sure there are benefits to living in any city, but I really believe that I get a unique training experience living in Hawai'i that couldn't be duplicated anywhere else. I am so lucky to live here!

If you are off today, I hope you are enjoying your day.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

sunday bloody sunday

I've been running since about 2007. Since that time, I have always done my long runs on Sundays and most of the time it was Sunday night. With doing the training clinic, this pushes my long run to early Saturday morning. This isn't a bad thing because it gets it out of the way early in the weekend, but I'm very used to having Saturday to unwind from the week before my long run instead of finishing the week, going to bed early, and being up at 5:30am. I'm sure I will adjust to it. It has just been difficult. I do like having the rest of the weekend to not stress over it.

I have decided that since Sunday is a designated short run and cross training day, that I am going to try to ride my bike every Sunday (at least until training no longer allows for it.) The past 2 Saturdays have been great, I have gotten up and did my ride at least before 10:00am.

Today I wasn't so lucky. Yesterday was a mix of an early 10 mile run, a deep tissue massage, and my first UH football game. I think the massage really kicked my ass because I came home and was asleep by 8pm and didn't wake up for another 13 hours. When I did get up, I didn't start moving until way after the "its so hot you're going to die" riding weather. I also had the following other excuses not to ride.

1. Heat
2. I ran out of sunblock (valid, but still an excuse)
3. I wanted to start Modern Family
4. There was a road race on my usual route
5. I would be riding alone

As hard as I tried I could not make any of these excuses carry over to the trainer. In fact I could take care of #3 while I was riding. I also really had to cross train today. My masters training is cancelled tomorrow for federal holiday and my schedule isn't going to allow me time to swim tomorrow (I will be at the beach day day drinking mixed drinks)

I've tried the trainer on my own. I do about as good on a trainer as I do on a treadmill. I last about 20 minutes. Today I did a little more prep work. I got the modern family DVD ready, made the living room less crowded, and even took a gel (this was to trick myself into keep going. I can't take 100 calories and NOT work it off right?)

My setup (yes... my TV is from like 1987)

I did really good. The cats slept well and didn't harass me too much and I cycled continuously for 1 hour (2.5 episodes of Modern Family). I did a few harder gears, but didn't have super fast leg turnover. But I think this is ok since I'm just using this as cross training and not training for a road race right now. I can't wait to get a cyclometer from my brothers store when I go back to Pittsburgh next month. I think it will give me motivation to stay at a decent leg turnover, but for now lets say I went fairly slow.

I'm also supposed to do 3-5 miles on grass or a treadmill today. Let's see if I can talk myself out of that!

** update: did 4.25 miles in the hot 3pm heat on grass.

Friday, September 2, 2011

marathon training recap: week 1

I decided to spare you all the song titles for the weekly training recaps. Don't worry I still have plenty of power ballad titles to post. This was a great week over. I had a few minor set backs but they were health related and not motivation which makes me feel better because I really couldn't control them.

I only really missed 1 workout from being sick so I can't really complain.

miles run: 16.5
miles on the bike: 13
masters swims: 1
yoga class: 1

My mileage isn't really there yet mostly because the "long" run day was the first day at Boca and we were getting a feel for our groups. I almost missed a short run on Wednesday due to being sick. Tomorrow will be the first official long run day.

I also am back to yoga which makes me happy. I'm going to an easier class that I used to because I have lost so much flexibility!