Monday, August 1, 2011

tinman race report

The night before the race I went to a party for a few hours and was super glad I did. It took my mind off the race a little. I didn't eat (or drink the fabulous looking mojitos) anything there, but I went out and got some Curry that I knew my stomach could handle after. I was in bed by 10pm and slept pretty good.

The alarm went off and 3am and I knew it would take me about 30 min to eat and get ready and then less than 30 min to ride my bike to the start. PANIC, my tri suit zipper broke. I almost had a heart attack. I only have 1 tri suit and don't really even own a good cycling jersey yet. I luckily have a swim bra and tri shorts and planned to wear that the entire time. Must get more clothing immediately.

I got to the park by 4am and was one of the first people there. I got a prime transition spot all the way at the end, the first bike near the run and bike out. It was really cool that I knew a lot of people this time from the training clinic. We waited around for a while then went to check out the water. It looked so scary in the dark.

So we basically stood around from 4:30- 5:30ish when the transition area closed. My swim heat started at 6:05 and I was really nervous about the swim the most. I felt like my swim was slow, but I later learned that I took 7 minutes off the swim time from the last race.

Transition 1 went great but I had a tough time on the bike. I felt like I was struggling for about the first 16 miles. After the giant hill (heartbreak hill) I finally felt good. Luckily it was overcast too since I was only wearing the swim bra. It was so nice to see my friend Linda right after the hill. The course went past her house.

By this time I was convinced I wasn't going to make my 3 hour goal. I seemed to be cutting it too close so now I just wanted to finish. I got back to the bike transition area and it looked like all the bikes were back so I was getting a little discouraged.

My run went great. I feel like running is my strongest sport and even though it was hot and uphill I did the 10k in under an hour. As I was coming around the finish I heard someone from the tri clinic say "You're under 3 hours Deanna" I was so happy to hear this I sprinted to the end.

I was expecting my friend Fay at the end, but I was super surprised to also see my friends Pat and Susan. There are more pictures to come later, but I had to get one of the 40 they brought me of my favorite beer. I was drunk in about 5 minutes at 9:30am. Awesome

Me finishing the race!

Me and my 40!

Official results
750 Meter swim 18:22.4
Transition 1 3:07.7
40k bike 1:35:15.2
Transition 2 1:28.3
10k run 56:24.2

Final Time 2:54:37.8 Yay! Just under 3 hours! I ended up being 20 out of 33 in my age group.

Overall, I am super happy with the results. Everything went well but I really am going to have to pick up the training for the half Ironman. I really need to start doing longer bike rides and need to get aero bars ASAP.


  1. Ahh I wish I was there!! Next time, let me know :) Congratulations and great job.

  2. Your transition times were awesome. I am in transition for like 5 minutes! Congrats on meeting your goal. You are awesome. I am convinced you are going to kick my ass in December!

  3. We don't use wetsuits, maybe that cuts out my time. I don't really do too much just grab my shoes and bike and go.

  4. Shoot, I wish I had come across your blog before the Tinman. It would have been nice to say, "aloha" to a fellow blogger! Congrats on your finish (and the beer)!