Saturday, August 20, 2011

swim, bike, run. caught in a bad romance

There is a flaw in my plan to use only blog titles relating to song titles. Now when I run, the only thing I do is try to figure out what song would be awesome as a blog title. I guess at least it keeps me occupied right?

This blog title came to me as I was reading my friend Jeff's blog entry on him becoming a runner. It really hit home with me because as I am winding down triathlon season and ramping up marathon season I find myself "caught in a bad romance" with swimming and biking. I know I need to focus on running primarily and can still swim and bike, just not like I was before or else Annie will be waiting for me at the finish like for over an hour at the Honolulu Marathon (this is slowly becoming my worst fear). I will miss my intense bike trainer workouts and long swim workouts, but I do plan to keep them as part of my marathon training as much as I can!

This week was my 2nd to last week before the marathon training with Boca Hawaii starts. Part of me is nervous that this group doesn't start until August 27th. Don't most people already have a good 2 weeks of training in? Oh, well I guess the coach knows what he is doing so I will trust him.

I finally got my motivation back this week. I ran 3 times and went to bootcamp twice. No bike rides were completed and a swim was started but not completed. Yesterday I was up and at the beach ready to swim by 7:30am. I swam about 20 yards and a giant dead octopus touched my arm. I tried to stay calm (I mean it's dead not gonna hurt me right?), but I could not. I immediately swam to shore, drove home and watched Season 1 of Arrested Development for the rest of the day. So for swimming this week, it's the thought that counts.


  1. Have you trained with Boca before? I started my marathon training last week with BC endurance. Btw, where was your swim?

  2. You better strap on the running shoes cause Annie is tearing it up! I think she was around 25-26mi for this week.

    You'll learn that swim and bike fitness come back a lot faster than run fitness. Keep this in mind as you are pounding the pavement. That being said both are excellent for recovery when doing a marathon plan so still try to fit a workout or two in per week.

  3. @Kepa - the only Boca training I did before was the tinman. It was so amazing thought that I really trust them. The swim was supposed to be the Tinman course.

    @Jeff - I know keeping up with Annie is going to be hard! I am actually happy that I even got 17 miles in though.