Friday, August 26, 2011

so far away, doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore?

First, I'd like to say welcome to both blogging and the world of triathlon, new triathlete Sachie! Sachie is a friend who I know through her husband Franklin. I can't wait for our first ride together. She's been a runner and just got her first bike this week. She's blogging about her new adventure here. She's starting at the perfect time, and I think she'll be ready for her first sprint tri early next year!

Not much has been going on here. This has been my last official rest week. I'm super excited to finally start my marathon training Saturday.

One thing I haven't mentioned yet in my blog is that I'm on a "temporary break" from Crossfit. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Crossfit. I think the workouts are amazing. I have been doing it for over a year and really think it's an amazing workout and compliment to triathlon. The only problem is the cost.

When I decided to focus more on the triathlons and use Crossfit as a training tool for them I failed to factor all of the additional triathlon costs into my budget. It is just not feasible for me to do both. When I started finding that I couldn't afford things for my bike, I knew it was time to drop the Crossfit membership... at least for now.

So, today I reactivated my membership at the YMCA. The YMCA's here are actually really nice facilities. They have

1. a pool with great lap swim hours
2. yoga and strength training classes. I have really really missed having yoga in my schedule.
3. cycling classes
4. weights (I will probably use this the least)

But most of all it's in a convenient location and very affordable. I spent tonight mapping out my new training schedule and I am really excited to start something new!

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