Saturday, August 27, 2011

a new day has come

Today was Boca marathon training day 1. It was pretty awesome to get back to running with the group. There were some familiar faces but also some new people that I will get to meet. I'm sure there will be more people after some of the group returns from the 2 Ironmans' this weekend.

We did a few drills and then split up into groups. I went with the longest mileage group and we did 7 miles. I kept a 9:38 pace which I'm pretty happy about because I felt awful. Having those 2 beers last night was probably not a great idea. I had a headache and starting getting terrible stomach cramping halfway through. I did keep going though.

We haven't gotten the schedules yet for the week, but it will be 3 days with the group and then scheduled workouts for the other days.

I also got my marathon shoes! For the first time I actually got 2 pair and am going to rotate them like coach suggested. I was trying to wait until I went back home in October to get my brothers steep discount (he works at Dick's Sporting Goods headquarters) but I couldn't wait. I wanted a new pair for the Maui 1/2 marathon and besides Dick's doesn't sell the brand I wanted.

Most of you on the mainland might not have heard of this brand called Zoot. They are actually from the Big Island of Hawaii and were designed for triathletes. Check out the awesome lace design. I did not expect them to be as comfortable as they were. They were literally the most comfortable shoe I have ever put on... and I LOVE my Asics. They are also pink, which is key. I will keep you updated on if they are as good as they feel.

I also wanted to mention that I am now a believer in compression socks. My recovery time is so much quicker when I wear them immediately after a run.

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  1. Sounds like you had a good "first" day of marathon training. I started training for it 3 weeks ago.

    Nice Zoots!