Tuesday, August 16, 2011

i would do anything to run, but i won't do that

*I just decided all of my blog titles from now on will be related to song lyrics. This is awesome.
**This will be the longest blog about the shortest run ever today!

Sunday marked 2 full weeks since my last run and I have just kept putting off the first run. Finally, with all three seasons of Parks and Recreations watched and having moved on to Arrested Development (which I think is NOT as funny) I decided it's time to put the running shoes back on and get off my butt. I also decided that this would be a good time to start a new habit. There are two things that I hate above almost anything.

1. Waking up early
2. Being itchy (so much so that I carry Benedryl both cream and pill at all times)

When I signed up for the half ironman I knew at some point I'd have to start doing 2 workouts a day and that meant.... waking up early some days. I figure now is as good as a time as any to start this habit.

Last night I made sure to get all my clothes out, prep my lunch, and do everything possible so that I could sleep in as long as possible and still get an hour run in. I even planned to go to bed at 9:00pm (didn't make it until 9:30 because I started doing my computer updates as I shut down).

I finally set my alarm.

Even as I was excited and prepared I knew there was about a 50% chance I'd actually do it. I actually was surprised how good I slept, I expected to be up every hour worried I'd miss this alarm. Finally at 5:15am the alarm goes off and I hop out of bed! It was about 15 minutes from the bed to the street. I did almost turn back once when I realized my shuffle was dead... but I told myself I was up, so I might as well do it now!!

I was so excited!!!! I had a huge smile on my face and was singing in my head "I just woke up" to the Lonely Island Song "I just had sex."


I smiled at every homeless person and tired person going to work at this ungodly hour. Then I looked at my GPS, yes it's been 3:35! I'm doing great.

I make it about a 3/4 of a mile and then it happens. It has happened a few times before, I will have an allergic reaction to something and the heat from running causes a reaction and suddenly I am covered in hives. I think this time it was new soap. So as I mentioned before I HATE BEING ITCHY. Seriously, I think I'd rather wake up at 4am to run than be itchy. I can't turn around now though, I JUST WOKE UP!

I keep running and scratching at red lights (I'm sure the people passing buy enjoyed that scene) but I couldn't help it, it was AWFUL! I kept going because my goal was to run for an hour.

Around mile 2, the inside of my eyelids started to itch and I decided to call it a day, I run home for a grand total of 2.5 miles. I still consider this run a success because it marked the end to my ban on running and I was able to prove to myself that I can get up early! I plan to also get up early on Thursday and try this again.... after I get new soap.


  1. are you sure you are not allergic to working out? I mean, I don't work out and I don't break out in hives.

  2. You will eventually get used to the waking up. I am usually running by 5:00am at least 3 days a week.