Sunday, July 24, 2011

the weekend before the race

This was the last weekend of training before the race. Yesterday I woke up and felt great. I'm convinced my antibiotics were laced with crystal meth. Even the coach said to me, "whatever you ate for breakfast this morning, do it on race day." I can do that for sure, ammoxicillian and a cliff bar is the breakfast of champions.

The workout yesterday was to do the Tinman run but to do both hills twice. I was miserable doing it but I know on race day I will be able to tell myself to go faster because I only have to do it once.

Last night I made a bad decision and had a beer and 2 lava flows. To my defense I haven't felt good in awhile and needed to get out and 1 lava flow was free so I couldn't say no.

Today I woke up feeling awful. Not hungover, but I probably pushed it too much yesterday. My ear was killing me. I really wanted to skip my ride, but I had to meet a friend so I just went. We did the Tinman course plus a few miles and it was a really great ride. Probably my fastest to date and I really felt comfortable on the bike. The UV sleeves are the best invention ever. My goal for this ride was to only drink water while in motion so that I could get used to it for race day. I also didn't need a 4 hour nap after my ride, but I'm wondering how much of that was related to me being sick for a few weeks now. I did really good and I think I am ready for next week! I am going to rest today because I really want to swim tomorrow of possible.


  1. You are going to kick ass. Why are the UV sleeves awesome? Do they keep you cooler? And I hope there is a lava flow in my future!

  2. Yeah the UV sleeves are cooler than running with bare arms. The difference is amazing. There are MANY lava flows in your future!