Tuesday, July 19, 2011

tri bargains

I am going to try to post the bargains I find related to tri stuff more often. I found 2 really great deals over the weekend at Costco.

At Safeway Cliff bars are $1.25 each on sale currently. I found a variety pack (good flavors even) 24 bars for $22.60. That's 94 cents a bar! Costco also sometimes sells PowerBars, but they tend make me sick.

I also found something called Eco Drink. I personally love coconut water and will get it whenever I can afford it, but the Eco Drink (it even came with a free bottle) was much more cost effective for now at $19.99 for 30 packs. It is super sweet though so I can use one pack in like 3 servings. It's loaded with potassium and I really do like it especially during and after long bike rides.

Hawaii triathletes, if you are familiar with the Zoot brand (from Kona, Hawaii) Boca Hawaii is having a 25% off sale on Zoot items July 20-23.
I really want to try the running shoes. I'll update if I do get a pair.


  1. Jenn has thought about, and has recipes for, energy/nutrition bars. She just hasn't had a market for it. I bet if you ask her she could try to make some for you :D

  2. She would have a great market for them in the triathlon scene. Make them high protein and she'd make a ton! She should check out the local race venues