Wednesday, July 27, 2011

swimming, 10 weeks later

The first time we did our pool workout 10 weeks ago I almost cried. I don't mind being last, but I was significantly slower than everyone else to the point they had to wait for me to start the next drill and my rest period would be non existent.

I actually almost stopped going to the Monday and Wednesday pool workout because they were "optional" so I wouldn't be losing any money. The only thing that kept me going was telling myself that most of these people had just done an Ironman they really *should* be much faster than me.

As I was swimming tonight I realized I was still slower than everyone else, but not by as much. I was finishing only seconds behind them. I got to rest and most importantly to me I didn't feel exhausted at the end. I really feel like I have made a ton of progress in the pool. I can't wait to see if I finish the swim faster Sunday than I did for the sprint tri.

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