Saturday, July 30, 2011

the day before the race

It's finally here! I woke up today with nothing to do and that was so weird! I have all my transition stuff ready. The only thing left is to pump up my tires. Today I am going to stretch for awhile and then distract myself by going to a party for a few hours. I plan to leave my 7pm.

Tomorrow the schedule is wake up at 3:00am, ride bike to bike checkin (it's about a mile away from where I live) by 4:30am. I am the last swim heat and it starts at 6:05. There's no way to track progress during the race.

I'm hopeful for an under 3 hour finish.


  1. Can't you just have your iphone on you with google latitude running :D

  2. Nah my phone is too heavy and it rains a lot here. I'd be scared to get it wet