Friday, July 22, 2011

countdown to the tinman

I have been secretly dreaming that when I come down that finisher chute someone is going to be there with a megaphone screaming


Ok, maybe not as impressive as an Ironman, but still I can dream right? This is the last weekend before the race which also means the last week of training with Boca. I am kinda sad, even though I can do other races and training with them, there is nothing like your first time around. I also think the marathon training one will be a different group of people. I probably won't get to train with this same group again until January for the Ironman 70.3 (half ironman!)

The schedule for this weekend training looks pretty mellow. We were supposed to run/swim Saturday morning but I reminded our coach that the reason the Tinman was moved was because of the imminent box jellyfish invasion this weekend. For anyone interested, here's a website that can predict the jellyfish pretty well. Some people still swim, I have been stung so I will not. I could probably go swim in a pool somewhere, but I know I won't. Sunday I will probably do a 30 mile ride with Pardis, probably following the Tinman route.

I'm getting really excited and curious to see how much all of this training really will help me. I know there are many variables on race day, but I feel really prepared for this race as of right now.

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