Saturday, December 31, 2011

we gonna party like. party like, like it's the end of the world. we gonna party like, like it's 2012

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope that 2012 is the best year yet for everyone. I would like to give a big CONGRATULATIONS and shout out to my good friend Angie and her new fiance Bryce. They have been dating for over 3 years now and just got engaged this month. I am so happy for them. Angie is a food blogger from Pittsburgh so if you are interesting in reading about her amazing adventures cooking and eating food, you can follow her blog here.

I finally got my brothers Christmas gift yesterday and he sent me tons of compression socks (even a pink pair) and this amazing transition bag. I seriously want to sign up for a full Ironman just so I can use this bag.

My brother is no fool. He's coming to the Honu half Ironman in June to support me and he knows that he's going to be carrying the bag so it might as well be comfortable!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

u got, u got it bad If you miss a day without your friend your whole life's off track

...I almost forgot that Usher song existed until I watched the ridiculous movie The Sweetest Thing tonight.

The last thing I wanted to do today was P90x. I've been in kind of a rut lately. Not working for 3 weeks and not being able to run for awhile has made turned me into a daytime tv watching, pajama all day wearing, lazy person. Having said that, I have only missed 1 day of P90x and that was because I didn't want to hurt my foot before I knew what was wrong with it.

I went to the doctor yesterday and he concluded that it is not broken or fractured. He does, however, want me to go to physical therapy. I really don't want to waste my time, but my good friend Annie yelled at me in a series of text messages until I said I would go (I do love my friends). I was cleared to run as long as I can handle the pain, but I decided to wait 2 more days just to be safe. So tomorrow I get to try to run again!

I have been swimming regularly but haven't touched my bike this entire break. I am not too worried about that because come next week I will be eating and sleeping cycling clinic. I sorta can't wait!

P90x is going OK so far. Like I said I missed one day, but I am actually glad because I didn't consider rest days and moving it up one day works much better with my schedule of activity anyway. I don't feel much different yet, but I think the core work is making me a little stronger. I finally have a real pullup bar installed and I am super sore from yesterdays arms and shoulders workout.

Anyway, even though the last thing I wanted to do tonight was P90x, I finally hit play on the Plyometrics DVD around 9:30pm. I'm so glad that is done for the day! I need to do an entire blog entry on my love for Tony Horton though. I really thought I was going to hate him, but I am obsessed with him and his quotes. My favorite one so far...

"Like a pterodactyl backing out of trouble...caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!"

Friday, December 23, 2011

before i forget.....

1. Registration for the 2012 Honolulu Marathon is up! $26.20, what a steal $1 per mile. I'm pretty sure I am actually not going to do this race next year, but I couldn't not sign up just in case. I would really like to travel somewhere to do a different race. I'd really like to swing making the journey this time to visit Annie and do a race with her on the mainland. I have only done the Honolulu Marathon and I think it's time to expand my horizons.

2. P90x is tough. I have been sore ever since plyometrics day. I was determined not to miss ANY days of P90x but I decided to skip today. I should be on day 5, but my foot is really really bothering me. It hurt after the marathon and then stopping hurting until I ran yesterday 5 miles. Since then I have barely been able to walk. I know it's bad because I actually made a doctors appointment to get some xrays. I decided one day of rest on my foot is better than hurting it more. I will see how I feel tomorrow and get back on it. I really do feel like it is a good program so far.

3. While I skipped todays P90x it's not like I just sat on my ass and did nothing. Today was a major accomplishment for me. I swam 2000 meters! Before today 1200 was my longest swim. I was freaking exhausted and realized that in June I have to do that swim following by 50+ miles on the bike and a half marathon. What the hell am I thinking? At least I am starting to train now! Swimming is by far my weakest sport so I am really using the off season to try to get better.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone. I look forward to updating you on my P90x progress and on cycling clinic in a few weeks.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

i work out

First, I would also like to commend any of you that have done this program and have a full time job. I am luckily off for the next 16 days, but just the prep work took me about 4 hours today.

Today I...
1. Watched the "How to Bring It" video (lame)
2. Took my before pictures (tragic)
3. Figured out how to use my heart rate monitor (easy)
4. Figured out how to use my new dumbells that you can change the weights of (rocketscience)
5. Did the fit test (exhausting)

I know I am not overweight, but I am not happy with how flabby my stomach is for the amount that I work out!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

my splits, per mile.


Summary 4:05:58.9 26.42 Avg 9:19
Mile # Pace
1 9:30.6
2 9:10.0
3 9:03.3
4 9:07.0
5 9:04.7
6 9:07.3
7 9:07.2
8 9:27.1
9 9:20.3
10 9:11.2
11 9:20.3
12 9:03.4
13 9:27.5
14 9:18.9
15 9:33.2
16 9:30.2
17 9:30.8
18 9:45.4
19 9:39.0
20 8:52.7
21 9:00.5
22 9:13.6
23 9:29.5
24 9:48.6
25 9:42.8
26 8:36.9
27 3:57.0

Friday, December 16, 2011

give me everything tonight

It's no secret that I dislike downtime. As soon as I hit that finish line I was thinking "what's next." I am taking 10 full days off of running per my coach and I am going to try to enjoy it. Today is my last official binge day, however. I have a Christmas party to go to and then I'm pretty much over it. I feel if I keep eating the way I am I might get the gift of Diabetes for Christmas.

So what's next?? I have a couple of things in the works. I am off work until January 2nd so I am going to hit the YMCA and concentrate mostly on yoga and swimming. I also have cycling clinic coming up starting January 7th and then the training for the half Ironman after that.

I have also decided that since I am going to be on a little break from running to concentrate on cycling that now would be a perfect time to start a round (my first round ever) of P90x.

Why do I want to try P90x?

For about a year I was an avid Crossfitter. There are pros and cons to Crossfit, but in the end I was in fantastic shape. I do feel it's fairly expensive and don't believe in some of their philosophies (like eating paleo) but it really did give me amazing results. I gave up Crossfit about 4 months ago now to concentrate mostly on running, cycling, swimming. I really think this was the right financial decision but I am losing muscle mass. I want that cut look back so here I am considering giving P90x a shot. I've taken the past week to gather all the materials and equipment I need and now that my post marathon binge is over I am going to take the initial pictures and start it this weekend.

I know this is a huge time commitment, but I know I am able to do it. I love that I will be able to do it at home as well. If any of you have any suggestions or comments, I'd love to hear them. I plan to follow the exercise program fairly strictly but am not going to be doing their diet or supplements. When I am training I feel like I have found the optimal diet for myself so I am going to stick with that.

Here I go starting my P90x journey.... right after I finish this Twix bar.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Honolulu Marathon 2011 Race Report

Who got a PR of 1 hour and 15 minutes? This girl! The race really went well, I could not ask for a better day or race. As most of you know because I mentioned it 4,592 times, my good friend Annie came to Hawaii to run the marathon with me this year. We trained separately but planned to run the race together if possible.

The night before we went to a super fun party, but had to be the party poopers who left at 8:00pm to get to bed before the race. It's times like those that I wonder why I am doing events like this and really miss being able to stay and hang out with friends. I soon forgot that feeling when I remembered how amazing the next day was going to be.

In years past I have been a nervous wreck and not slept good because I was terrified that I was going to miss the alarm. Imagine that, all that training and you don't wake up for race day! To ease the panic, I had my dad call me at 3:00am (8:00am his time) That worked out perfectly, I was able to sleep better and his phone call woke me right up. We walked to the race start and you could feel the excitement in the air. We made our way up to start with the Kenyans. Annie has never done that before and I insisted its the only way to do it. I think she was glad we did.

The weather was amazing, it was overcast and cloudy but didn't really rain all day. I didn't see the sun until I hit mile 25. I felt really strong throughout the entire race and really don't think that there is anything I would change.

Total Place: 1655
Age Group Place: 67/1446
Gender Place: 339/9113
Finishing Time: 04:05:47
40k Split: 3:54:05
30k Split: 2:55:36
Half Split: 2:02:02
10k Split: 57:20

Here are some highlights from the race in photos. Most photographs are courtesy of our race Sherpa Ann. I am so thankful that she came all the way from Texas to be there and was able to capture this day for us. Spectating is really just as tough as racing!

Before the race and ready to go!

At mile 15 right when I saw my good friend Angie in her Steelers jersey. She had oranges and gatorade and basically saved our lives.

Finishing strong

Finally sitting after eating our malasadas and getting our tshirts.

We did it!

Can you tell I am having trouble walking?

Thank you so much Annie for such a memorable race and visit. Let's not let 8 years go by again before I see you again!

Thank you to everyone who supported me before, during, and after this race. All the FaceBook messages, blog comments, and texts really did help. Also to all the race volunteers and friends who got up to bring us racers snacks, you guys deserve a medal too!

Monday, December 5, 2011

i'm so excited, and i can't hide it

Race week! Annie arrives in less than 48 hours. I am so excited. I've cleaned the entire house and I am excited to show her around Honolulu. Signs are already going up on Kalanianaole Hwy and near the convention center preparing for the expo.

I feel like I am the right mix of nervous and excited for this race. I have really trained hard and feel like I am mentally and physically prepared. I am also being extremely careful with my diet and sleep schedule this week.

I'll post some pictures when Annie gets in. If I forget to blog before the race GOOD LUCK everyone.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

a long december and there's reason to believe maybe this year will be better than the last

Man I haven't listened to A Long December in forever. What an appropriate lyric as my last December ended pretty bad. I am hopeful that this year will be better. Well, just the fact that I am in Hawaii and not at home makes me think the chances of it being better will be significantly higher.

Last night we were told this was going to be our last masters swim until February. I am so sad about this. I think I was actually learning how to swim. I still swim on my own 2 other times a week in the ocean, but there's really nothing like doing drills for an hour. I hope I can find someone to go to the pool with and keep practicing!

I missed my run on Tuesday because of work stuff, but I am going tonight so I'm not too worried about it. It's almost here, which means..... I need to start cleaning my house for company!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

whoa, we're half way there. whoa oh, livin' on a prayer

whoa, it's been awhile since I've blogged. Mostly because I hate blogging. But I am really going to make an effort to update this regularly until I complete my first Ironman.... after that I can't promise anything.

Training is going good. I've been swimming regularly and even am being told that I am getting better. Have not been cycling much but I have plenty of time for that when cycling clinic starts. Running is going good. Today was my last long run and now I am officially TAPERING! I love that word this year. I feel that I have really trained my ass off. I have reevaluated my target time and I am really pleased with my progress.

Only 2 weeks to go and less than that until my college friend Annie arrives to run it with me. I am so excited for this as I haven't seen her in probably 8+ years and it's her first trip to Hawaii. More as we get closer to the race!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

baby it's cold outside

Good training week overall. Did a lighter workout Tuesday and then had a grueling sprint workout on Thursday. I missed my Wednesday swim (I couldn't say no to a restaurant week deal at Town) but I did get to swim twice this week! I met a friend before work on Friday at Kaimana beach and we swam out to the windsock and back. Did the same swim today after my "long" run. Luckily we didn't get stung by any jellyfish like the 2 people we saw come over to the life guard. He didn't put the signs up until we were leaving! And man, the water is freaking cold this week. Is it possible to get hypothermia in Hawaii?

Todays long run was much more mellow than the last 2 weeks. After a 20 and 18 mile run I decided to do a little easier pace for the 13 one today. My friend is also tapering for the Las Vegas marathon so we went at closer to a 10 min mile pace. I felt good and am hoping my legs will recover a little from not pushing it too hard.

Other than that, not much going on here. Work is busy and I'm just getting ready for Annie and Anne to visit!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

little rock, pasternak, mickey mantle, kerouac

If you aren't familiar with the above song lyric, it's from Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire." Oh yeah, my last name is in a song. How cool am I? Well... mostly how cool is my cousin. Congrats to my youngest cousin Christopher who completed his first sprint distance triathlon and finished first in his age group of 20-24. He said that my tips and advice helped him (I'm thinking it was more military PT), so that's pretty awesome. So proud of him. What a fine way for a war vet to spend his Veterans Day weekend.

My run today went well. The coaches put 20 on the schedule but then they changed it to 18. They said because of the course we ran today the 2 additional miles just wasn't worth the wear and tear on our legs. I am so glad they made that decision, todays run was f-in hard. We met at triangle park and then ran towards Palolo Valley and had an aid station at our coaches house which was way at the very top of a big hill in Palolo.

Seriously, the road ended and it became trail and there were chickens everywhere. It was awesome.... but it was really hard. We came back to civilization and ran out Kalanianaole to get the additional miles and ended at triangle park at 18 miles. My legs are kinda beat up so I am looking forward to only doing a 13.1 next Saturday

if you're not into yoga, if you have half a brain

I've been feeling super tight lately. Since the 20 mile run on Saturday my legs have just felt so heavy. Tonight I went to my first yoga class in a very long time. It is much easier than the yoga I did when I was really into yoga (before triathons).

I was really shocked how inflexible I am now. My entire body is so freaking tight. I am going to try to remember this each week so that I can make myself go at least once a week. There are 2 classes that fit my schedule. One is Monday night and One is Friday night. You know how it goes, Monday you are exhausted from the first day back at work and Friday you're exhausted from an entire week of work. I don't run on Mondays and only run a short distance on Friday so these are also the days I want to sit in my pajamas and eat peanut butter right off the spoon while watching netflix.

I really did enjoy the class and I encourage all of you triathletes or runners to add yoga or just more general stretching to your routine.

Hopefully I will be nice and limber for the long run tomorrow morning.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

it's getting better all the time

...and when I say getting better I mean the pain from my Portuguese man o' war sting. Don't worry Annie, they aren't there all the time and there were signs posted I just missed them. Let me tell you though, I got stung in the hand about 4 hours ago and this pain is intense. At least I can type now!

Ok, back to the important stuff, the 20 mile run. It actually went really well. The weather was perfect, overcast but no rain and my nutrition was perfect. We ended up doing about 20.5 miles along the actual marathon course. I am not at my goal pace, but I also wasn't fresh. I am just happy that I finished it since my last long run was the 15 mile run about a month ago. The plan is to do another 20 mile run next Saturday and then go down to 13.1 the week after that.

I was pretty sore yesterday, but after the ice bath, compression socks, ibuprofen and stretching I feel great today. I did a 5 mile recovery run and I feel like by Tuesday I will be ready for whatever workout they throw at us. Next week I am going to try to take about 10 minutes off the 20 mile run I think I will be better mentally prepared going into it this time.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

all the things I know right now, if i only knew back then

After a rough week last week and a defeating Tantalus run, I finally feel like I'm back. I'm pleased that it really only took a week to get back into it and I am going to dedicate this last 6 weeks to the best possible training I can.

I had a great run yesterday and was able to keep up with my group. We have a 20 mile run coming up this Saturday. I think I'm going to struggle a little bit, but after that I think I will be OK. I am excited to use this 20 mile run to gauge how well I am doing.

I can't believe here is is November already and there are only 38 days until the race. This month is crucial to staying injury free and making sure I run hard.

Not much else to report. How is everyone else's training going whether it be for the Honolulu marathon or any other race? What's your longest run so far?

Monday, October 31, 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011

yellow diamonds in the light

Anyone who knows me well knows that I can get someone obsessive about music. I think a lot of people do, but I will literally listen to the same song on repeat for over a week.

Some recent past obsession songs were:
Bad Romance
Club Can't Handle me Now (this one was seriously bad)
Give me Everything Tonight

This week it is this song:

Anyway, I was informed by a dear friend that my last post was "sad." Yes it was, I apologize for being a downer and realize I am so lucky that I get to spend time with my grandparents, but well... I was sad.

So back to training finally. Tuesday was TOUGH but I was super lucky as the rest of the people in my clinic were just coming off of a 30k race. I was the only slacker who was doing their "recovery" run but not really recovering. I am super sore from that run and have been stretching and foam rolling ever since. I ran with my compression socks on for the first time yesterday, I have to say I dislike running with them and would rather just sit around the house wearing them.

Tonight was an awful speed work night but I have an amazing pacer who is exactly the same speed as me, but for sure more motivated. She keeps me in line.

The best thing though that came out this week was talking to one of my coaches and realizing I need to freaking relax a little. Not running for 2 weeks is not the end of the world! I am a little behind but I know it will come back quick.

I am terrified for Saturdays run.... expect an update full of swear words after I run up Tantalus...which is miles miles straight uphill. I did it once on my bike, I can't imagine running it but people say it's beautiful and super shaded. For those of you not familiar with Tantalus Road, here is the elevation profile.

39 days now until Annie is here to run the marathon!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

remember me?

This update is mainly so you don't forget I exist and stop following my blog. I am finally home from 16 days on the mainland. I spent 11 days in Pittsburgh and 5 in Florida. It was a really fun trip and I accomplished a lot including spending time with my grandparents who are 95 and 94 years old. They have aged a great deal since the last time I saw them and I'm afraid that I have probably seen them for the last time. It is really hard saying goodbye to someone to get on a plane when you are pretty sure you won't see them ever again. Who knows, maybe they'll surprise me but they really aren't doing well.

I hope that you all feel bad for me after reading that because now I can use that as my excuse for why my training suffered so bad. After my pap went into the hospital while I was there the training pretty much went downhill. I am trying not to be too upset about it. 2 weeks is a long time, but it's also not that much time. I might have been set back a few weeks but at least I got to spend time with my grandparents, parents, brother, and friends.

My Nanny (95) and Pap (94). The are pretty amazing people.

Florida was also awesome. I got to spent a lot of time with my best friend of over 20 years. I love that I get the opportunity to see her every few years. While I love all of my friends dearly, there is really nothing like a friend that has known me since you I a kid and through many different phases in my life. Hope is probably the most honest person to me in the world and I love that she can not see me for over a year but still give me awesome advice.

Me and Hope on our last night together. I thought I was tan... her Panamanian skin beats mine! Hopefully next time I see her will be in Hawaii next year.

I am so glad to be home now and get back on track with training and eating healthy again. There really is no place like home.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

cause i'm leavin' on a jet plane

Nothing too eventful to report lately. I've been keeping up mostly with my training. I had to miss masters swim last night because I had to pack. I think it's more important right now to make the running workouts and just appreciate each extra workout I get to do.

Tomorrow I leave for 10 days back home in Pittsburgh and 5 days to visit my childhood best friend Hope in Florida. I'm looking forward to blogging about different run routes and some pretty cool fall weather!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

marathon training recap: week 5

Not a very eventful week. Made all my workouts and I feel stronger and faster. I need to get to yoga more though.

Week 5
miles run: 32
miles on the bike: 1 trainer workout.
masters swims: 1
yoga class: 0

Thursday, September 29, 2011

a quick shout out

Just a quick shout out to my cousin Chris who is stationed in the air force in Las Vegas. He signed up for his first sprint tri on November 12. I gave him some pointers and training tips from my experience but if you have any of your top 5 tips for a first timer training on his own, please post them here and I will pass them on to him.

My tip for him is to not use this bike he's riding in a Facebook pic

ch-ch-ch-ch-changes...turn and face the strain

I've been a bit overwhelmed lately. I've mentioned before how much I hate change and I have had a good deal of change to my routine lately. All of it is good change, but disruption none the less.

As you all know I spent a week in Maui last week with my family and some friends. That was an amazing fun trip, but I feel like I'm still recovering from it and here I go packing for a 2 week trip to Pittsburgh and Florida in a week!

I don't feel like my workouts suffered too much in Maui. Mostly because I did run the half marathon and got one more run in. I also made it to the long run the next day. This trip has me traveling over 3 long workouts and travel home is so stressful. I am going to have to work really hard to get a good number of runs in. I might just have to see less people this trip if necessary.

I also got a new job. I started it officially the day before I left for Maui so this is my first official week in the job. I came back and had to move my office and was totally disoriented for a few days. My new job is still at the same place just doing different stuff. I'm super excited about the change and I know it is going to be a challenge.

Having said all this, I haven't missed one workout this week. So suck it change, I win this round.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

marathon training recap: week 3 & 4

I had the worst run of my life today. Hit a wall super hard. I hate everyone right now and do not feel like blogging. Here is my recap for week 3 and 4.

Week 3
miles run: 26
miles on the bike: 11
masters swims: 1
yoga class: 1

Week 4 (in Maui)
miles run: 20
miles on the bike: 0
masters swims: 0
yoga class: 0
beers drank: 11

Gotta get my mileage up now that I'm back to training!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Do you remember the 21st night of September?

Even though I am on vacation and typing this on my brothers iPad (this kinda sucks) I had to blog today because that blog title song is perfect for today!

So Saturday I arrived in Maui around 11am after my exhausting 30 minute flight. I got the car and since I am fairly familiar with the airport area I drove around in search of a healthy lunch. I actually scored with Denny's. They have a really healthy egg white only omelet thing. I sat around for 2 hours and finally after 10 months since my last visit home my brother and his wife landed. We drove to our hotel and the first thing we did was get my race packet. Once operation packet pickup was successful we went back to the hotel and ate dinner. We called it an early night since they were exhausted from their 12 hour flight and I had to get up at 4:30.

I slept great! Didn't even need the earplugs I brought because no one snored! I was up at 4:30 ate the power bar and banana I made sure to get the day before and headed off. I'd like to note that I am highly superstitious about changing anything in my routine normally on race day but among the awesome stuff my brother got me (yay for working at a sporting good store), he brought me glide. I've never used it before but decided how bad could it be? Worst case it does nothing.

The start line was 1 mile from the hotel so I jogged down to warm up. I stretched for a litle while then went to find Terri. I met Terri last year at this race. I knew she was from Pittsburgh when I over heard her talking. It was so awesome to catch up with her and we decided to start the race together.

Then tragedy struck....

My gps watch has been a pain in the ass lately randomly moving to various screens when I'm running so the say before I figured out how to lock the bezel. Now I also knew how to unlock it but in the chaos and nervousness I forgot. Total mind blank. I had no watch the entire race. I quickly remembered how to do it post race though.

Luckily Terri had a watch so she could pace us. We started at around 9:20 min miles and never got slower. By mile 3 we were doing 8:50 min and then we were below 8 min for the rest of the race.

I love this course. It goes through Lahaina town and it is just beautiful. The weather was great for the most part. It was dark for the first 5-6 miles and only got hot at mile 11.

This was the first race my brother got to see me finish so that was super awesome. My goal was under 2 hours since last year I did 2:07. This year I did 1:50 so I think 17 min faster is pretty awesome. Overall I came in 136/1097 and in my age group I was 13/110. I'm pleased overall.

The only things I'd change were not remembering how to use my watch and I need to work on my pace. If I am finishing at a 7:30 pace why does it take me so long to warm up at 9:30 pace! Do I need more warmup? I guess. I'll try to start out faster in practice runs.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

she's going the distance, she's going for speed

This will probably be my last blog entry for about a week. I am going to be heading to Maui in a few days to run the half marathon. My brother will have his iPad, but I'm not sure how much time I'll have for blogging. I am pretty excited about it because I am meeting my brother and his wife to spend the week there. Last year I did this race and fell in love with the course through Lahaina.

My time was 2:07:51 and I am hoping to do a sub 2 this year. My goal is 1:45.
This half is timed pretty nicely in with my training, I talked to coach and this weekend we'd probably be doing 11-13 miles anyway. I just have to stay on track and keep up with my runs while enjoying Maui for a week.

Aloha, until my race report!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

marathon training recap: week 2

This was a pretty decent week. I did miss my Thursday workout, but I have moved on past being upset about it (after eating large amounts of curry to ease my depression).

The only notable event is that I finished my 11 mile run (that's technically a week 3 run) with a negative split and towards the end I was cruising at a 9:34 pace. That's awesome for me.

I'm digging the foam roller... almost as much as my cats are.

miles run: 25
miles on the bike: 0
Trainer workouts - 1 hour
masters swims: 1
yoga class: 0

Thursday, September 8, 2011

hold on for one more day

Tonight sucked....and I'm blogging about it so hopefully someone can say they have had a similar experience and I am normal and not a lunatic like my "non tri" friends think. It's amazing what lessons you can learn about yourself from working out and how problem solving workouts can help you in everyday life. I am a very obsessive person. Anything I do, I do it all the way. I am going to venture to say that's probably the type A+++++ personality type of most athletes. I also thrive on routine and do not do well with adapting to sudden change.

Tonight I did my normal Thursday routine, flew home from work, got ready to do my workout, made sure I had my GPS watch (I always forget it) and drove to the studio. Only we weren't meeting at the studio. In all that has been going on in the week, I never once considered the location on the schedule might change and we'd be meeting at Kapiolani Park. I drove there ASAP. Got there in 15 minutes, saw the group running and couldn't find parking. By this point I was a mess, I HATE being late for things but by this point I was also so upset that I knew I wasn't going to stay OR even do a workout. Which is silly, I should have calmed myself down and headed straight for the YMCA and did a 30 minute treadmill run.

Instead I called 2 friends to have them calm me down and reassure me that I am not a failure and no I don't suck. I also decided to go get myself a foam roller. So I will use that tonight instead of a work out because I suck and talked myself out of it.

The lesson that I learned here is that really this behavior does carry over to other parts of my life and I really need to work on it. When something does not go exactly as planned in my strict schedule, I need to adapt better and be able to change the plan. I do not do this well in any aspect of my life. I just shut down and do nothing.

That's an awful lot of personal info/whining for one day, but I'm hoping to learn a lot about myself and what I need to work on throughout this process. I will not be successful if I can not adapt to a varying schedule because even though Wilson Phillips says so, "things will not always go my way."

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

music and stuff

1. Running music is very important to me. I published my running play list on a page that you can find from the tabs on the top. It is called "music i think is awesome." Please feel free to add songs that you think I should have!

2. Foam rollers: Worth the money? Discuss

Monday, September 5, 2011

this could really be the good life

Happy Labor Day!

I've been listening to this song a good bit while running.

This song just reminds me that I am really living the "good life." I'm sure there are benefits to living in any city, but I really believe that I get a unique training experience living in Hawai'i that couldn't be duplicated anywhere else. I am so lucky to live here!

If you are off today, I hope you are enjoying your day.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

sunday bloody sunday

I've been running since about 2007. Since that time, I have always done my long runs on Sundays and most of the time it was Sunday night. With doing the training clinic, this pushes my long run to early Saturday morning. This isn't a bad thing because it gets it out of the way early in the weekend, but I'm very used to having Saturday to unwind from the week before my long run instead of finishing the week, going to bed early, and being up at 5:30am. I'm sure I will adjust to it. It has just been difficult. I do like having the rest of the weekend to not stress over it.

I have decided that since Sunday is a designated short run and cross training day, that I am going to try to ride my bike every Sunday (at least until training no longer allows for it.) The past 2 Saturdays have been great, I have gotten up and did my ride at least before 10:00am.

Today I wasn't so lucky. Yesterday was a mix of an early 10 mile run, a deep tissue massage, and my first UH football game. I think the massage really kicked my ass because I came home and was asleep by 8pm and didn't wake up for another 13 hours. When I did get up, I didn't start moving until way after the "its so hot you're going to die" riding weather. I also had the following other excuses not to ride.

1. Heat
2. I ran out of sunblock (valid, but still an excuse)
3. I wanted to start Modern Family
4. There was a road race on my usual route
5. I would be riding alone

As hard as I tried I could not make any of these excuses carry over to the trainer. In fact I could take care of #3 while I was riding. I also really had to cross train today. My masters training is cancelled tomorrow for federal holiday and my schedule isn't going to allow me time to swim tomorrow (I will be at the beach day day drinking mixed drinks)

I've tried the trainer on my own. I do about as good on a trainer as I do on a treadmill. I last about 20 minutes. Today I did a little more prep work. I got the modern family DVD ready, made the living room less crowded, and even took a gel (this was to trick myself into keep going. I can't take 100 calories and NOT work it off right?)

My setup (yes... my TV is from like 1987)

I did really good. The cats slept well and didn't harass me too much and I cycled continuously for 1 hour (2.5 episodes of Modern Family). I did a few harder gears, but didn't have super fast leg turnover. But I think this is ok since I'm just using this as cross training and not training for a road race right now. I can't wait to get a cyclometer from my brothers store when I go back to Pittsburgh next month. I think it will give me motivation to stay at a decent leg turnover, but for now lets say I went fairly slow.

I'm also supposed to do 3-5 miles on grass or a treadmill today. Let's see if I can talk myself out of that!

** update: did 4.25 miles in the hot 3pm heat on grass.

Friday, September 2, 2011

marathon training recap: week 1

I decided to spare you all the song titles for the weekly training recaps. Don't worry I still have plenty of power ballad titles to post. This was a great week over. I had a few minor set backs but they were health related and not motivation which makes me feel better because I really couldn't control them.

I only really missed 1 workout from being sick so I can't really complain.

miles run: 16.5
miles on the bike: 13
masters swims: 1
yoga class: 1

My mileage isn't really there yet mostly because the "long" run day was the first day at Boca and we were getting a feel for our groups. I almost missed a short run on Wednesday due to being sick. Tomorrow will be the first official long run day.

I also am back to yoga which makes me happy. I'm going to an easier class that I used to because I have lost so much flexibility!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

i'll be missing you

I'm writing this and using the label of "missed" so I can keep track of how many workouts I miss training for the marathon. Todays workout was supposed to be a 30 minute run so I decided it was better to rest so I feel better for tomorrows Boca workout.

I woke up feeling a little worse than yesterday so I slept until around noon and only left the house to get a jamba juice drink with the immunity boost. Now I'm watching TV and drinking green tea with honey. (thanks Angie for that suggestion)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

i don't know much, but i know i don't feel great

This week has been such an awesome training week so far.

1. Saturday was first day of marathon training
2. I actually ride my bike 13 miles
3. That same night I did a short sprint workout
4. Last night I didn't try to make any excuses to get out of the masters swim.
5. Tonight is another FUN Boca night

So why am I getting sick!! I'm tired, my throat hurts, I feel hot, my eyes are scratching my contact lenses. I'm going to rest as soon as I get home from my run tonight.

This makes me curious, what are your favorite "get well fast" remedies? I usually head straight to Jamba Juice for one of their vitamin infused drinks. I don't care if it's just in my head, but I feel like they work.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

a new day has come

Today was Boca marathon training day 1. It was pretty awesome to get back to running with the group. There were some familiar faces but also some new people that I will get to meet. I'm sure there will be more people after some of the group returns from the 2 Ironmans' this weekend.

We did a few drills and then split up into groups. I went with the longest mileage group and we did 7 miles. I kept a 9:38 pace which I'm pretty happy about because I felt awful. Having those 2 beers last night was probably not a great idea. I had a headache and starting getting terrible stomach cramping halfway through. I did keep going though.

We haven't gotten the schedules yet for the week, but it will be 3 days with the group and then scheduled workouts for the other days.

I also got my marathon shoes! For the first time I actually got 2 pair and am going to rotate them like coach suggested. I was trying to wait until I went back home in October to get my brothers steep discount (he works at Dick's Sporting Goods headquarters) but I couldn't wait. I wanted a new pair for the Maui 1/2 marathon and besides Dick's doesn't sell the brand I wanted.

Most of you on the mainland might not have heard of this brand called Zoot. They are actually from the Big Island of Hawaii and were designed for triathletes. Check out the awesome lace design. I did not expect them to be as comfortable as they were. They were literally the most comfortable shoe I have ever put on... and I LOVE my Asics. They are also pink, which is key. I will keep you updated on if they are as good as they feel.

I also wanted to mention that I am now a believer in compression socks. My recovery time is so much quicker when I wear them immediately after a run.

Friday, August 26, 2011

so far away, doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore?

First, I'd like to say welcome to both blogging and the world of triathlon, new triathlete Sachie! Sachie is a friend who I know through her husband Franklin. I can't wait for our first ride together. She's been a runner and just got her first bike this week. She's blogging about her new adventure here. She's starting at the perfect time, and I think she'll be ready for her first sprint tri early next year!

Not much has been going on here. This has been my last official rest week. I'm super excited to finally start my marathon training Saturday.

One thing I haven't mentioned yet in my blog is that I'm on a "temporary break" from Crossfit. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Crossfit. I think the workouts are amazing. I have been doing it for over a year and really think it's an amazing workout and compliment to triathlon. The only problem is the cost.

When I decided to focus more on the triathlons and use Crossfit as a training tool for them I failed to factor all of the additional triathlon costs into my budget. It is just not feasible for me to do both. When I started finding that I couldn't afford things for my bike, I knew it was time to drop the Crossfit membership... at least for now.

So, today I reactivated my membership at the YMCA. The YMCA's here are actually really nice facilities. They have

1. a pool with great lap swim hours
2. yoga and strength training classes. I have really really missed having yoga in my schedule.
3. cycling classes
4. weights (I will probably use this the least)

But most of all it's in a convenient location and very affordable. I spent tonight mapping out my new training schedule and I am really excited to start something new!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

swim, bike, run. caught in a bad romance

There is a flaw in my plan to use only blog titles relating to song titles. Now when I run, the only thing I do is try to figure out what song would be awesome as a blog title. I guess at least it keeps me occupied right?

This blog title came to me as I was reading my friend Jeff's blog entry on him becoming a runner. It really hit home with me because as I am winding down triathlon season and ramping up marathon season I find myself "caught in a bad romance" with swimming and biking. I know I need to focus on running primarily and can still swim and bike, just not like I was before or else Annie will be waiting for me at the finish like for over an hour at the Honolulu Marathon (this is slowly becoming my worst fear). I will miss my intense bike trainer workouts and long swim workouts, but I do plan to keep them as part of my marathon training as much as I can!

This week was my 2nd to last week before the marathon training with Boca Hawaii starts. Part of me is nervous that this group doesn't start until August 27th. Don't most people already have a good 2 weeks of training in? Oh, well I guess the coach knows what he is doing so I will trust him.

I finally got my motivation back this week. I ran 3 times and went to bootcamp twice. No bike rides were completed and a swim was started but not completed. Yesterday I was up and at the beach ready to swim by 7:30am. I swam about 20 yards and a giant dead octopus touched my arm. I tried to stay calm (I mean it's dead not gonna hurt me right?), but I could not. I immediately swam to shore, drove home and watched Season 1 of Arrested Development for the rest of the day. So for swimming this week, it's the thought that counts.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

i would do anything to run, but i won't do that

*I just decided all of my blog titles from now on will be related to song lyrics. This is awesome.
**This will be the longest blog about the shortest run ever today!

Sunday marked 2 full weeks since my last run and I have just kept putting off the first run. Finally, with all three seasons of Parks and Recreations watched and having moved on to Arrested Development (which I think is NOT as funny) I decided it's time to put the running shoes back on and get off my butt. I also decided that this would be a good time to start a new habit. There are two things that I hate above almost anything.

1. Waking up early
2. Being itchy (so much so that I carry Benedryl both cream and pill at all times)

When I signed up for the half ironman I knew at some point I'd have to start doing 2 workouts a day and that meant.... waking up early some days. I figure now is as good as a time as any to start this habit.

Last night I made sure to get all my clothes out, prep my lunch, and do everything possible so that I could sleep in as long as possible and still get an hour run in. I even planned to go to bed at 9:00pm (didn't make it until 9:30 because I started doing my computer updates as I shut down).

I finally set my alarm.

Even as I was excited and prepared I knew there was about a 50% chance I'd actually do it. I actually was surprised how good I slept, I expected to be up every hour worried I'd miss this alarm. Finally at 5:15am the alarm goes off and I hop out of bed! It was about 15 minutes from the bed to the street. I did almost turn back once when I realized my shuffle was dead... but I told myself I was up, so I might as well do it now!!

I was so excited!!!! I had a huge smile on my face and was singing in my head "I just woke up" to the Lonely Island Song "I just had sex."


I smiled at every homeless person and tired person going to work at this ungodly hour. Then I looked at my GPS, yes it's been 3:35! I'm doing great.

I make it about a 3/4 of a mile and then it happens. It has happened a few times before, I will have an allergic reaction to something and the heat from running causes a reaction and suddenly I am covered in hives. I think this time it was new soap. So as I mentioned before I HATE BEING ITCHY. Seriously, I think I'd rather wake up at 4am to run than be itchy. I can't turn around now though, I JUST WOKE UP!

I keep running and scratching at red lights (I'm sure the people passing buy enjoyed that scene) but I couldn't help it, it was AWFUL! I kept going because my goal was to run for an hour.

Around mile 2, the inside of my eyelids started to itch and I decided to call it a day, I run home for a grand total of 2.5 miles. I still consider this run a success because it marked the end to my ban on running and I was able to prove to myself that I can get up early! I plan to also get up early on Thursday and try this again.... after I get new soap.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

back at it

I am nearing the end of my two week break from exercising. I'm not sure if it helped or not, but I didn't feel like it and now I do again. I'm off the jaw meds in a few days so I'm just gonna take the next few days off and not stress about it. I did do a 30 mile ride on Sunday so that felt good.

My official marathon training starts August 27th. Until then I am just going to attempt to run 3x per week, bike 1x per week, and maybe swim 2x per week. I'm still doing the boot camp which has been pretty cool and different.

I was also a little down after the race (which I hear is normal) I just had that feeling of "now what" after that amazing experience just ended. I was able to finish 26 episodes of Parks and Recreations this week though. That's gotta be a PR of some kind. So for now I am starting off with short term goals to keep me motivated as well as reminding myself of my long term goals.

Short Term
1. Don't eat 36 Starburst in a day (like I did yesterday)
2. Leave the couch in between episodes of Parks & Recreations for at least 5 minutes
3. Try to run at least once this week

Long Term
1. Train for the Maui Half Marathon (9/11)
2. Continue training for the Honolulu Marathon (12/11)
3. Half Ironman (6/12)

I'm sure there will be many smaller triathlons and running races in between, but those are the big ones

Friday, August 5, 2011

tinman pics

Here's a few more pics from the Tinman.

So happy the swim is over!

I don't look like I'm having much fun here

Thursday, August 4, 2011

forced rest

No workouts for the next couple of days. I'm on forced rest from my doctor. From an injury over 3 months ago where I fell off my bike and hit my jaw I have developed severe TMJ. I thought it was just an ear infection, but unfortunately the antibiotics didn't help and the ear, nose, and throat specialist has me on very strong muscle relaxers for a few days to stop spasms. I'm just glad I made it through the race!

See ya in a few days!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

what's next?

With the Tinman and the training over, I had about 3 days of nothing really to do. I have basically been eating anything in sight and I did make it to Crossfit, but I barely did anything. Time for me to set a new goal or I'll be sitting on my butt eating nutella for a month.

The Tinman marks my last Tri of the year. I feel like I've accomplished a lot this year, but am now ready to focus on running. This worked out perfect because I have the Maui half marathon in September and the Honolulu marathon in December now to focus on.

Tomorrow starts my beach boot camp. I'm super excited to do this for various reasons.

1. I'm doing it with a friend that really wants to try something different.
2. I get to meet some new people hopefully.
3. It was $30 with a Groupon for 15 sessions.

I have no idea what to expect, but I feel like it will be like Crossfit, but at the beach. I am also going to start the Boca Hawaii marathon clinic starting the end of August so I really don't have much down time. I like that!

Monday, August 1, 2011

tinman race report

The night before the race I went to a party for a few hours and was super glad I did. It took my mind off the race a little. I didn't eat (or drink the fabulous looking mojitos) anything there, but I went out and got some Curry that I knew my stomach could handle after. I was in bed by 10pm and slept pretty good.

The alarm went off and 3am and I knew it would take me about 30 min to eat and get ready and then less than 30 min to ride my bike to the start. PANIC, my tri suit zipper broke. I almost had a heart attack. I only have 1 tri suit and don't really even own a good cycling jersey yet. I luckily have a swim bra and tri shorts and planned to wear that the entire time. Must get more clothing immediately.

I got to the park by 4am and was one of the first people there. I got a prime transition spot all the way at the end, the first bike near the run and bike out. It was really cool that I knew a lot of people this time from the training clinic. We waited around for a while then went to check out the water. It looked so scary in the dark.

So we basically stood around from 4:30- 5:30ish when the transition area closed. My swim heat started at 6:05 and I was really nervous about the swim the most. I felt like my swim was slow, but I later learned that I took 7 minutes off the swim time from the last race.

Transition 1 went great but I had a tough time on the bike. I felt like I was struggling for about the first 16 miles. After the giant hill (heartbreak hill) I finally felt good. Luckily it was overcast too since I was only wearing the swim bra. It was so nice to see my friend Linda right after the hill. The course went past her house.

By this time I was convinced I wasn't going to make my 3 hour goal. I seemed to be cutting it too close so now I just wanted to finish. I got back to the bike transition area and it looked like all the bikes were back so I was getting a little discouraged.

My run went great. I feel like running is my strongest sport and even though it was hot and uphill I did the 10k in under an hour. As I was coming around the finish I heard someone from the tri clinic say "You're under 3 hours Deanna" I was so happy to hear this I sprinted to the end.

I was expecting my friend Fay at the end, but I was super surprised to also see my friends Pat and Susan. There are more pictures to come later, but I had to get one of the 40 they brought me of my favorite beer. I was drunk in about 5 minutes at 9:30am. Awesome

Me finishing the race!

Me and my 40!

Official results
750 Meter swim 18:22.4
Transition 1 3:07.7
40k bike 1:35:15.2
Transition 2 1:28.3
10k run 56:24.2

Final Time 2:54:37.8 Yay! Just under 3 hours! I ended up being 20 out of 33 in my age group.

Overall, I am super happy with the results. Everything went well but I really am going to have to pick up the training for the half Ironman. I really need to start doing longer bike rides and need to get aero bars ASAP.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

the day before the race

It's finally here! I woke up today with nothing to do and that was so weird! I have all my transition stuff ready. The only thing left is to pump up my tires. Today I am going to stretch for awhile and then distract myself by going to a party for a few hours. I plan to leave my 7pm.

Tomorrow the schedule is wake up at 3:00am, ride bike to bike checkin (it's about a mile away from where I live) by 4:30am. I am the last swim heat and it starts at 6:05. There's no way to track progress during the race.

I'm hopeful for an under 3 hour finish.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

swimming, 10 weeks later

The first time we did our pool workout 10 weeks ago I almost cried. I don't mind being last, but I was significantly slower than everyone else to the point they had to wait for me to start the next drill and my rest period would be non existent.

I actually almost stopped going to the Monday and Wednesday pool workout because they were "optional" so I wouldn't be losing any money. The only thing that kept me going was telling myself that most of these people had just done an Ironman they really *should* be much faster than me.

As I was swimming tonight I realized I was still slower than everyone else, but not by as much. I was finishing only seconds behind them. I got to rest and most importantly to me I didn't feel exhausted at the end. I really feel like I have made a ton of progress in the pool. I can't wait to see if I finish the swim faster Sunday than I did for the sprint tri.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

the weekend before the race

This was the last weekend of training before the race. Yesterday I woke up and felt great. I'm convinced my antibiotics were laced with crystal meth. Even the coach said to me, "whatever you ate for breakfast this morning, do it on race day." I can do that for sure, ammoxicillian and a cliff bar is the breakfast of champions.

The workout yesterday was to do the Tinman run but to do both hills twice. I was miserable doing it but I know on race day I will be able to tell myself to go faster because I only have to do it once.

Last night I made a bad decision and had a beer and 2 lava flows. To my defense I haven't felt good in awhile and needed to get out and 1 lava flow was free so I couldn't say no.

Today I woke up feeling awful. Not hungover, but I probably pushed it too much yesterday. My ear was killing me. I really wanted to skip my ride, but I had to meet a friend so I just went. We did the Tinman course plus a few miles and it was a really great ride. Probably my fastest to date and I really felt comfortable on the bike. The UV sleeves are the best invention ever. My goal for this ride was to only drink water while in motion so that I could get used to it for race day. I also didn't need a 4 hour nap after my ride, but I'm wondering how much of that was related to me being sick for a few weeks now. I did really good and I think I am ready for next week! I am going to rest today because I really want to swim tomorrow of possible.

Friday, July 22, 2011

not awesome

Things you do not want to hear days before a race "Deanna, you have an ear infection."

countdown to the tinman

I have been secretly dreaming that when I come down that finisher chute someone is going to be there with a megaphone screaming


Ok, maybe not as impressive as an Ironman, but still I can dream right? This is the last weekend before the race which also means the last week of training with Boca. I am kinda sad, even though I can do other races and training with them, there is nothing like your first time around. I also think the marathon training one will be a different group of people. I probably won't get to train with this same group again until January for the Ironman 70.3 (half ironman!)

The schedule for this weekend training looks pretty mellow. We were supposed to run/swim Saturday morning but I reminded our coach that the reason the Tinman was moved was because of the imminent box jellyfish invasion this weekend. For anyone interested, here's a website that can predict the jellyfish pretty well. Some people still swim, I have been stung so I will not. I could probably go swim in a pool somewhere, but I know I won't. Sunday I will probably do a 30 mile ride with Pardis, probably following the Tinman route.

I'm getting really excited and curious to see how much all of this training really will help me. I know there are many variables on race day, but I feel really prepared for this race as of right now.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the tinman story

I was going to wait until the day of the Tinman to write about the journey, but I'm too excited and I'm sure I'll have a ton more to write about that day.

On May 15th, I did the Sprint distance Honolulu triathlon. It was semi successful. I had 2 goals for that day.

1. Don't die
2. Finish under 2 hours if I don't die

I did accomplish both of those goals, but I had no idea where to go from there. I kinda sorta trained, by trained I mean attempted to swim in the ocean a few times, rode my bike to work, and continued my normal marathon training run schedule. I knew there had to be a better way, but I didn't know any triathletes.

I had originally signed up to do the Honolulu tri training through Boca Hawaii but the dates changed and it fell through. I am so glad that it did because it gave me a chance to become more comfortable on the bike before I started the training. So, I decided to give it a try again and sign up for a 10 week training for the Tinman Olympic distance triathlon on July 24th. Only now it's 11 weeks because the race was moved to July 31 because of the usual jelly fish invasion.

I really, really wish I had documented the last 10 weeks and the progress that I have made. The first day I showed up I didn't even know how to put my bike in the trainer. I didn't have clipless pedals and the bike wasn't fitted for me at all. 10 weeks later I am ready to get aero bars as soon as this race is over and have done multiple 30 mile rides. I still suck at swimming, but I suck a bit less than 10 weeks ago. My run has gotten so much better. I run with better form and have taken 45 seconds off my average mile time.

The training varied more towards the beginning but it basically looked like this:
Monday - Swim instruction at the pool
Tuesday - Bike trainer workout and run
Wednesday - Swim instruction at the pool
Thursday - At the beginning it was bike/swim - but now it's mostly just a track run day
Friday - off day. We were supposed to swim, but I usually just went to crossfit
Saturday - Either Run/Swim, Bike/Swim, or Bike/Run (once we even did the entire Tinman course)
Sunday - Whichever we didn't do the day before.

I can't say enough good things about this group. The coaches and members are all amazing. They really took the time to teach us and even tailored so that brand new people could train with Ironman finishers. Training with a group has been such a positive and motivating experience. I even have triathlete friends now that I can train with in the off season. I am considering doing their Honolulu Marathon training, possibly the winter cycling, but definitely I will be doing the half Ironman training next year!

11 day until the Tinman!!! You can check out the course here.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

tri bargains

I am going to try to post the bargains I find related to tri stuff more often. I found 2 really great deals over the weekend at Costco.

At Safeway Cliff bars are $1.25 each on sale currently. I found a variety pack (good flavors even) 24 bars for $22.60. That's 94 cents a bar! Costco also sometimes sells PowerBars, but they tend make me sick.

I also found something called Eco Drink. I personally love coconut water and will get it whenever I can afford it, but the Eco Drink (it even came with a free bottle) was much more cost effective for now at $19.99 for 30 packs. It is super sweet though so I can use one pack in like 3 servings. It's loaded with potassium and I really do like it especially during and after long bike rides.

Hawaii triathletes, if you are familiar with the Zoot brand (from Kona, Hawaii) Boca Hawaii is having a 25% off sale on Zoot items July 20-23.
I really want to try the running shoes. I'll update if I do get a pair.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

workout music

At some point I want to post my entire running playlist, but for now I wanted to share a few links to some awesome *free* music that I love to workout to.

Girl Talk - This guy Greg Gillis from Pittsburgh uses samples songs and edits them into new songs. I have a few of his older albums but as far as I can tell only the current new albums are free. Lemme know if anyone wants the older albums. The new album All Day.

My favorite song from them (not on this album) NSFW

Dj Earworm - Same concept as Girl Talk. Great mashups to workout to, grab the free MP3's at DJ Earworm.


Friday, July 15, 2011

to sleep or not to sleep

When I started training for the Tinman regularly I knew I was going to have to make some sacrifices. One of those things would be the late nights of drinking I had become used to. The parties at the gym on Tuesday night, cheap wine night on Wednesday, first Friday and all the other fun days in between.

For the most part I am completely OK with that. I have always loved hanging out in smaller groups or one on one anyway and very rarely feel the need to go out and party it up until 3:00am. The problem is when Tinman started for various reasons (financial, time, sheer exhaustion) I pretty much stopped going out all together. My routine became wake up, go to work, go to whatever workout I had that night, eat, relax for an hour or two, go to bed. Repeat.

I have never had trouble sleeping in my life. It's amazing, my head hits the pillow and I am out cold... that is until I started training harder. While doing marathon training I never had this problem, but now I have a hard time falling asleep especially after a super hard workout.

Last night I had an invitation to go to a birthday party. My body is definitely more used to the harder workouts now and I am less exhausted after so I felt like I need to venture out into the real world again. I knew I wasn't going to stay out late or eat bad, but I was still trying to talk myself out of it for about 2 hours before going. It would cost money, it would throw off my routine, what if I was too tired tomorrow to even get to work! Since I already had RSVP'd yes I decided to go even though the last thing I wanted to do at 8pm was put on a dress and makeup.

I am glad I went, it was a lot of fun and I really really needed to interact with people and break up the routine. I had one beer and actually even though I wasn't in bed until midnight I slept the best I have in weeks. I was up way before my alarm went off today!

So, any other athletes out there have an advice on what the correct balance is? I know I need rest, but do you allow yourself to go out like once night a week or do you drink a few times a week? What's the magic number?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

do i have what it takes?

There are a few reactions that I get from people when I tell them that one day I will do an Ironman. They are:

1. You are crazy!
2. How do you find the time?
3. Oh, maybe if you had kids you wouldn't need to fill this void in your life.

Only the people that answer #1 or #2 do not get immediately stabbed in the eye. The truth is, unless you are an endurance athlete or are passionate about something (anything) you really won't get it. There are people that spend just as much time that I spend training doing things like watching TV or drinking beer. The only difference is that those are more socially accepted in many circles. What I do only looks harder, but really when you train properly none of it is "hard." It's not like I'd attempt to swim 2 miles without slowly building that up over time.

So, I was thinking yesterday after signing up for the 1/2 Ironman next you the question "do I have what it takes?" So far, from what I can tell in my short time training it takes the following things to succeed as a triathlete.

1. a little bit of crazy
2. motivation
3. time
4. an excellent support system
5. the ability to use google
6. money

Anyone that knows me knows I got #1 down. I also have the motivation and the time (you know because my life is empty without kids). I also have amazing friends who are both athletes and not and great coaches at Boca Hawaii who believe I can succeed. As a computer person I am pretty confident in my ability to google, but the one thing that I lack is the cash.

Now I'm not whining here. I realize how lucky I am to be able to live in paradise and that there are a lot of people doing much worse then me and I am choosing to spend all this money. Yes, of course you can get by with shoes, a helmet, a bike, a speedo, and goggles: but there is SO MUCH OTHER STUFF. Better pedals, shoes to go with those, gloves, sunglasses, pedometers, cadence meters the list goes on and on. People are telling me everyday "you need this, you need that. This will make you faster, this will keep you from dying" (I usually do splurge on the keep me from dying items) But I did just have to make the choice recently not to get a super comfy seat for my bike. Right now I *need*

1. New shoes
2. Compression socks
3. new tape for my handlebars
4. more gels and other nutrition
5. A cycling jersey
6. sports bras
7. Food
8. New bike seat

Ok, that's not that much right now, but you get the point this shit adds up and I want to look just as good as the next triathlete in my dry fit matching outfit. So, in a lot of ways this is not a sport for the poor. This has been confirmed by a study done by me. All the people in my tri clinic drive Lexuses, BMW's, or Audi's. Of course this might not be a realistic sampling as there are many triathletes that choose not to spend money on training like I did.

When I saw the facebook post yesterday that the Honu registration was open I wasn't sure what to do. I have no doubts that I can physically finish this race, but can I afford to? I did use my credit card for the entry, and I have charged a few other things lately. I'm really really trying to get out of debt and am on a slippery slope.

So my question to other triathletes. You can't all be millionaires. How do you do it? Where do you shop? I assume that since I'm just starting a lot of my purchases will be "one time" things. What are things I can cut out or get cheaper? How can I do more triathlons with less and maybe even be able to afford to travel more to them.

PS. Can you tell I love numbered lists? If I could get spreadsheets on here I would be blogging everyday.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

to clarify

Look at this, two posts in one day! I already have an idea for a third post but I will contain myself so that I can space them out. I just had to post this. I saw this comment on a Facebook thread about another Ironman 70.3 event.

"No thanks. I wish they'd revert back to calling events of this distance a 'Half Ironman'. Sorry, I have to go now - the phone is ringing so I better do a 'Marathon 0.015' to go answer it!"

I am in complete agreement with this. I felt dishonest because I know people have no idea of the distances and saw what I posted on Facebook and probably just assumed it was a full Ironman. I should have put half in the original post, but didn't even think of it. Even though I wanted to make sure they knew this was *just* a half I couldn't figure out how to write it without taking away from what an accomplishment this will be. I don't want to say "sorry friends, this is *only* a half Ironman." So they can just suck it and just think what they want. I did say 70.3 so I told the truth.

So, just to be clear to my blogger friends, this is *only* a half Ironman that I signed up for but I am pretty excited and proud of myself for signing up.

i hate blogging

First, I really hate blogging. I am inspired to do this by two very good friends that have amazing blogs. You should follow them too. and One of them inspires me to run, bike, and swim. The other one inspires me to cook for myself (and occasionally feeds me her delicious creations.)

Why do I hate blogging? Mostly because I don't think I have anything interesting to say and until recently I didn't really have anything passionate to write about. I also think that this will be the 5 millionth blog out there about someone trying to become an Ironman and I wanted to do something more unique. I am also a pretty private person. I really don't like a lot of information about myself out there online, but I guess in the long run I am writing this for me and not other people. I kick myself now for not starting this blog 3 months ago when I started training for the Tinman. Hind site is 20/20 and my next entry will be the day I complete the Tinman Olympic triathlon on July 31, 2011.

How did I get here? I love running. I have completed 2 Honolulu marathons and various other races. I didn't do great, but I finished and have gotten better in the few years I have been running. However, I get bored super easily. After this marathon I was bored. I knew I wanted to do something different, and was always curious about triathlons. Problem: I had no idea where to start. Around February I got a bike and got into a pool for the first time since I was a kid. I realized what a horrible swimmer I am, but not so bad on the bike.

I signed up for my first sprint triathlon and completed it basically training on my own.

SPRINT TRI IND Place -129 F30-34 Age Group -10 Swim -25:20 T1-3:02 Bike-46:55 T2-1:43 Run- 28:05 Time- 1:45:04

After this race, I was hooked and decided to sign up for a training program from Boca Hawaii for the Tinman. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. More on the Tinman in the next post.

The reason I started this blog today is because I just signed up for my next race which is a half Ironman.

CONGRATULATIONS Your registration is complete!
Event Name: 2012 Ironman 70.3 Hawaii
Date & Time: June 02, 2012 07:00 AM
Location: The Fairmont Orchid Hawaii on the Kohala Coast

And the journey begins....